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Roku Wireless Connection Setup – Beginner Help Guide

Published On: February 19, 2020 Category: WiFi Issues

Struggling to gain stable & fast internet access to stream your Roku Player? Then switching to the Roku Wireless Connection Setup will be the absolute solution for the smooth streaming experience.

So get rid of the expensive & complex installation process by switching from wired to Roku wifi internet connection!

Roku Wireless connection setup

This guide will help you in setting up the Wireless Roku box setup via Roku.Com/Link in 5 simple steps. So let’s get started!

Before we start to connect Roku to wifi…

  • Let’s have a quick view of things we will read in this guide:
  • Common things to check before setting up Roku Wi-Fi
  • Steps to establish Roku wireless setup
  • How to connect Roku in hotel/Dorm
  • Tips & Tricks to Improve Roku wireless network quality and speed

Also, before we start drilling out the steps for Roku wireless connection setup. If you’re looking for how to add Netflix channel on Roku device, then click here to get your Roku activation code for Netflix!

Fundamental system requirements for Roku wireless connection setup

When it comes to outlining the system specification for Roku Wi-Fi direct setup, the first and obvious thing to look for is Roku player. It can be a stick, box or TV. Regardless of Roku model type, every Roku model comes with both the options i.e. wired & wireless. However, the Roku sticks are designed to work with wireless setup only.

After that, you must have the following things:

Roku Remote: Though you can set up your Roku TV without remote or via Roku mobile app, if you’re going to set up your Roku for the very first time, you must have a physical remote to input your network password.

Wireless Router: An efficient router is necessary to establish a reliable internet connection between Roku player & TV. Additionally, if you’re interested in stream HDR content via Roku, having a router of 5 GHz will add more credibility to your network.

Network credentials:  In order to avoid Roku won’t connect to internet issue, you must have valid network credentials i.e. username and password associated with your home network.

After going through essentials system requirements, now it’s time to verify whether your device meets the said qualification or not. If your device complies with said requirements, you can now start implementing the below steps for Roku Wireless Connection Setup.

Learn to connection setup in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Get connect your TV with Roku device

Depending upon the Roku model you’re using, connect your TV with Roku using provided composited cable or HDMI cable. (Composite cable will come in the role if you’re using a non-smart TV)

Further, If you’re interested in streaming 4K or HD content, you will need to connect the HDMI end to available HDCP 2.2 input on your TV.

On the other hand, if you’re using a Roku stick, simply connect the stick directly to the TV. If you’re facing any space restriction or stick does not fit in the provide TV space, use the HDMI extender cable provided in the device box.

Step 2: Power Up Roku and TV

After establishing a working connection between two devices, now it’s time to connect your Roku with a power outlet. If you’re using a Roku model other than stick, use the AC adapter to connect one of the ends to Roku and other to the wall outlet.

For stick, use the wireless receiver to connect one end to stick and other ends to the TV USB port. Alternatively, you can use the HDMI extender to power up your stick using the power adapter to avoid power crashing issues.

After powering up your Roku, you will see the dancing Roku letter on your TV screen. Now press the input/source button using the TV remote and choose the correspondence HDMI input into which you have connected to Roku.

Step 3: Pair Roku remote and choose language settings

Open the remote compartments and insert the batteries. As soon as it comes in power, it will start pairing up with TV automatically.

After a few moments, you will see a screen suggestion asking for the language selection. Choose your preferred language to pursue.

Step 4: Connect Roku with home WI-FI

  • If you’re on a stick, you need nothing to do as Roku will automatically scan and list the available network on screen. If you’re on another model, you will be instructed with a screen to choose one of the network types i..e wireless or wired (Ethernet).
  • Choose your network from the list using remote and input the network password.
  • Hit the connect button. If all the checks go green, Roku will start downloading and installing the latest software itself. If you see a red cross, learn how to troubleshoot Roku not connecting to wired |wireless internet and showing up red cross issue.
  • Now choose the display type. If you’re unsure what will be the best resolution for you, let the Roku select this for you.
  • Set the remote settings to allow your Roku remote to control TV power and volume property.

Step 5: Activate your Roku using code

After setting up the remote settings, a Roku activation code will be shown up on the TV screen. Copy this code and go to from the computer/mobile browser. Paste the code on the provided information field and finally tap on the submit button. If your Roku link code is not working, confirm you’re hitting the correct code and try again.

If you’re an old Roku user, select ‘Yes, I have an account’, else click on the other option to create the Roku account. You can add channels, music games many more while setting up your Roku account. To add Hulu Channel On Roku click here!

You’re good to go for happy streaming!

How to use Hotel Dorm Feature on Roku?

Roku is known for its ultimate services. And out of those services, one is Hotel/dorm connect service! That allows you to use your Roku device while traveling or in a remote location.

So before we proceed to learn how to use Roku hotel connect feature, let’s discover the things you will need to connect your Roku in a hotel Wi-Fi network:

Including your activate Roku player, here is some additional prerequisite you must carry to enjoy your Roku services while traveling:

  • HDMI cable (if you’re using a Roku model other than a stick): As mentioned earlier, you do not need to require an HDMI cable to connect your stick with TV. But if you’re using a Roku player or box, you will need an HDMI cable to link your Roku with a TV set.
  • Remote: Yes, the most important thing to carry with your travel bag is remote if you’re planning to use your Roku with you. As you cannot connect your Roku with a mobile app on a remote location due to router settings.
  • Network credentials: First you have to obtain the hotel network access credentials to easily connect your Roku with the network without having an issue.
  • Compatible TV: TV having an HDMI input to connect your Roku player/stick into it.
  • Mobile/laptop (to authenticate the network): You will need a mobile or laptop to authenticate the network you’re trying to connect within a hotel.

Steps to connect Roku with Hotel (Roku Wireless Connection Setup)

  • Regardless of Roku model what you’re using, follow steps 1 & 2 to accomplish the initial Roku setup.
  • After successfully setting up your device, tap on the Home button on Roku remote. If your Roku remote is not working, you can try a new set of batteries.
  • From the Roku dashboard menu, scroll down to settings>>>>>‘Network’.
    On the next window, choose the ‘wireless’.
  • As soon as you pick the wireless network option, your device will start scanning for the available network. From the network list, choose the network.
  • Roku will automatically connect to the chosen network, and now you need to pick the popup option ‘I am at a hotel or college dorm’.
  • Next, Your Roku screen will suggest some instructions to verify your network. You will be required to use your mobile or tablet here to authenticate your network.
  • Simply go to your mobile Wi-Fi settings and enable the Wi-Fi. Choose the Hotel network and hit the password, you will be directed to provide further information such as name and room no.
  • After successful authentication, you’re ready to stream your Roku. Note that the streaming quality will depend upon the hotel’s wireless connection speed.

Just in case you’ve failed to verify your network, you can try the same process again by simply tapping on the try again button.

Useful Tips to Improve Roku Wi-Fi Network connection

The best part about the wireless network is you can improve your wireless connectivity by simply making some efforts. So if you’re getting the flash messages that your Roku wireless signals are not adequate or if your Roku TV/device keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, here are some steps you can take to improve your wireless network health:

Tips to enhance your Wireless Network quality

Reduce the intermediate objects coming on network path: The quality of the wireless connection can be affected by the presence of objects coming in the way of the network path. If there are some objects such as the wall, electronic devices. Or if you have placed your router to another room or far away from your Roku. Then try moving your router near to Roku device if possible.

Keep your router in the center of space for best network quality: Have you placed your router in one of the room corners? If yes, this can be the reason why you’re having low signal alerts on your Roku wireless connection setup.
It is recommended to place your router in the center of the room for best signal distribution and to avoid Wi-Fi interference.

Do not place your router under enclosed space: Keeping your router in an enclosed area will lower the wireless range and result in its poor signal transmission.

Some more Important and helpful Roku wireless connection network setup tips

Keep your router cool: In order to keep your router cool or to prevent your router from being overheated. You need to avoid placing your router in a place where it can easily get heat up. For instance, you should keep the other electronic device far from your router. Similarly, you have to keep your router away from direct sunlight.

Reduce the network usage by eliminating some other connected device temporarily: It is an effective method to boost up your Roku performance. Disconnect the other devices connected over the same network for a while to reduce the network traffic.

After performing all said tips and tricks, if you continue to suffer through poor signal/network issue. Then you should check your Roku for the software update.

Just in case, if the problem persists, there might be some network issues from the network provider itself. In such a case you can follow-up directly to your internet service provider.

Furthermore, if your Roku starts freezing or acts sluggishly after it set up to Wi-Fi. Then visit Roku keeps rebooting and freezing guide to getting rid of this issue.

For further assistance on Roku network setup visit troubleshooting page now!