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Roku playback error – How to fix?

Getting a Roku playback error while streaming videos on Roku is not so rare. There are times when videos stopped all of sudden or become blurry. We know how annoying it could be when Roku channel video keeps buffering forever, therefore we have brought up some effective and recommended solutions to fix the issue. This […]

How to setup Roku TV | Activate Roku TV

This Roku TV setup guide will explain how to install, activate and setup Roku TV for beginners with detailed step by step instructions. But before you start… let’s verify the things that are essential for your Roku TV box setup. Let’s unboxed the Roku TV box Including Roku TV, you will get the following things […]

Roku Wireless Connection Setup – Beginner Help Guide

Struggling to gain stable & fast internet access to stream your Roku Player? Then switching to the Roku Wireless Connection Setup will be the absolute solution for the smooth streaming experience. So get rid of the expensive & complex installation process by switching from wired to Roku wifi internet connection! This guide will help you in […]

Can’t retrieve Netflix Activation code for Roku-Fixtures

Can’t retrieve Netflix Activation code for Roku? Whenever you’re unable to receive Netflix Roku code, the most likely reason is network incompatibility. In this write-up, we are providing proven solutions to fix your problem without more stress. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started… Important: As of December 01, 2019 some of the […]

Learn to Fix Roku Low power and flashing Red light Issue

Want to fix Roku low power & Flashing red light issue? There are times when your Roku device starts blinking with a red light or keeps flashing a red light continuously.  This usually indicates that Roku is having a low power supply. Let’s cover this in detail! Flashing Red lights means the device is overheated. […]

Can’t find Spotify on Roku | Activate Spotify on Roku

Can’t find Spotify on Roku? Relax! if you see No Spotify on Roku! Simply try out the solutions herein to start streaming spotify music on Roku device. Using this guide you can learn how to find Spotify for Roku device player and how to add Spotify connect to Roku. Additionally, this guide is helpful for […]

Roku unable to update software- Top 5 Fixtures

Is your Roku unable to update software? This write-up can help you out! This guide is helpful for people facing issues: Roku unable to update software automatically Roku unable to update software error code 003 during software update Unable to update Roku express manually So if you’re facing any of the said issues and looking […]

Roku Remote is not working- Try Out Recommended Solutions

So your Roku remote is not working, connecting or pairing to Roku device/TV? Don’t feel bothered anymore! In this write-up we are providing all possible solutions to help resolve Roku remote problems without having to pay a single penny! So let’s get started! Before we go deep into this guide, first you need to verify […]

Roku keeps Rebooting & Freezing Itself – Instant Fix

So your Roku device keeps rebooting itself constantly. Well, don’t be upset. It is a common Roku issue faced by many users. This write-up is providing the recommended and proven solutions to get fix Roku Express Keeps Restarting issue. So let’s get started! Why does my Roku keep rebooting? Most of the Roku models allow […]

Channel Not available on Roku Channel Store- What to do?

We know how annoying it could be when Roku does not display the channel you’re looking for. No matter whether you’re trying to view a free or paid channel, simply follow the proposed guide to know the reasons and their respective solutions –  why some of the channels are no longer available on Roku channel […]