Terms and Conditions


It is important to read the terms & conditions mentioned on this website.

Words used in this website such as “we”, “us”, “this”, “website” and “our” all are denoting activatemybox.com website.

All the terms and conditions described here aimed to clarify the use of www.activatemybox.com site and its information. 

By using activatemybox.com site you confirm that you are enough competent and completely agree to the terms and conditions, regulation and obligation written on www.activatemybox.com website.

In case, the readers violate or disagree with the terms and condition describes here, they are not allowed to use any of the website information (here information refer to video/audio clips,content,graph,stats) for any purpose.

Intellectual Property Rights

Information provided on the activatemybox.com site is a verified collaborationof information from many platforms.

Information including content, video, and audio are the intellectual property of this website.

Therefore, the users are restrictedto limited rights to use/read/view the stuff provided here on the site.


We have some strict obligations for the readers in terms of site usage. This section clarifies the things you’re not allowed to access this site.  By using our site, you are strictly prohibited from copying, modifying, deleting, or moving the information from our site to elsewhere.

  1. User is not allowed to sell, promote or commercialize activatemybox.com website material on any internet transmission or print media.
  2. You are not allowed to publish/ promote website content whether in whole or in part.
  3. Any attempt aims to harm/modify website content, design, images, logo, and information will be strictly markedunder cybercrime.
  4. Activities such as data mining, data extraction, data harvesting, or any other suspicious activities will be considered as cyber crime and strict action will be taken.

Website Content

All materials displayed and accessible through the Website, in the form of audio clips, video clips, text, or images, photographs, illustrations, and computer software and code are protected and owned by cybercrime. 

In addition, the activatemybox.com site rights holder can reproduce, alter, modify and remove any content from the website at any time without express written notice to its users.

No Warranties

We do not support any security or warranties against information shared on the website. Information including all means generally unsecured and does not bear any legal warranty concerning the security of the information displayed on the activatemybox.com website.

Limitation of liability

In no event, the website manufacturer, owner, or employees and their respective successor will be liable for any repercussions that arise out direct, indirect, or consequential of the use of this website or its information. 

And, these terms & conditions bear the liability if under contract.

About Service Subscription

We provide a subscription service. In order to avail the activatemybox.com services, user is required to acquire a valid subscription through email or chat services.

Usage of Log Data & Cookies

We use cookies to store user’s information visiting our website. The purpose of collecting user data is to store userpreferences and taste for the next visit. This includes laptop make, model, visiting hours, processing system, IP address, and the type of queries you are searching on the website.

We only use this information to make user experience website more ease and comfortable. We do not share this data with any third party.

Additional Information

We activatemybox.com website reserve all the rights to remove, reproduce or moderate policies or conditions with effect from future without any prior express to its user.   

Visitors are advised to timely check the terms and conditions page to stay updated.