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Roku unable to update software- Top 5 Fixtures

Published On: December 26, 2019 Category: Software Issues

Is your Roku unable to update software? This write-up can help you out!

This guide is helpful for people facing issues:

  • Roku unable to update software automatically
  • Roku unable to update software error code 003 during software update
  • Unable to update Roku express manually

So if you’re facing any of the said issues and looking for solutions – Keep reading to find out the exact solution for your issue.

Roku unable to update software

Keep in mind that the Roku models 2 and all other models released before the mid of 2012. Are now not liable to receive any update as per Roku’s official guidelines. So if you’re using the Roku 2, you need to change your Roku player here.

Moreover, you will have to obtain the new Roku link activate enter code  to setup your new device.

Why does my Roku express deny to update automatically?

Usually, it happens when you keep your Roku player off for a long time. The other reasons could be:

  • Roku server is experiencing some technical issues or out of service.
  • Your Roku player disconnected with the internet connection unexpectedly or the internet connection is intermittent.
  • You’ve recently added a public channel (also known as non-certified/Beta channel) to your Roku device. For example if you’ve recently attempted to add Netflix on Roku.

However, sometimes you may get the issue even if your internet connection is working well. The reason for this – Roku device might have glitches functioning properly.

So now when you’re familiar with the reason, you’re ready to apply the solutions to help resolve the issue.

How to fix Roku unable to update software Manually

Though, Roku models are designed in such a way that they can update their software automatically each time you launch them. Sometime they won’t.

Luckily you can perform the manual Roku update. For this:

  1. Launch your Roku player and press the Home button using your Roku remote control.
  2. Through remote arrow keys, scroll up or down until you find the Settings option.
  3. Now, under the settings menu, locate the ‘System’ option and choose ‘System update’.
  4. Finally, click on the ‘Check now’ option.

If there is any update available, your Roku device will download and update them automatically. Once the update completes, Roku will restart itself. Don’t be afraid if your device starts rebooting again and again. Or if Roku freezes, simply bypass it from main power outlet for a short period. This will correct the problem.

Further, If there is no update available, you will be prompted with the message ‘Your Roku player software is up to date’.

In an event, you wish to find the current Roku software version you’re using, you can check it on the system update window. It will display the current Roku software installed on your PC along with the date and time of the latest update.

While performing this, if you encountered with flashing message ‘Unable to update software’ or Roku error code 003’ in device screen. You can attempt the advanced technical solutions to fix the issue:

Try More Solutions to Fix – Roku software update error code 003

#01 Restart Roku device & Router

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to try restarting your Roku device. Doing this will set all random glitches that might be affecting the Roku update process.

To restart your Roku device:

Go to setting menu>>>choose system>>>under this, select restart.

Another way to perform Roku restart, unplug the Roku main power outlet and then connect it back.

To Restart your router:

Find the small physical restart button on the router back. Using a sharp-end pin press the button till it turns off or the flashlight becomes unresponsive.

#02 Simply ‘Try updating again’

Yes! Sometimes the reason why your Roku fails to update its software- is nothing but a temporary signal breakage. So simply click on the Try again button and see it works.

If everything appears fine- you’re good to go. In the case of no luck, consider further solutions:

#03 Check Your Internet connection

Are you getting flashing message  ‘Roku unable to connect to wireless network’. Or ‘ Roku can’t connect to internet’on your device screen. This clearly implies that your connection is not stable and needs to be corrected so that the update can be completed.

To do so,

  1. Launch your Roku device>>>>Press the Home button on Roku remote control
  2. Now, go to setting menu>>>>>Under this, choose Network from the list.
  3. Finally, select the  ‘Check connection’ option and click OK on Roku remote.

The ‘check connection’ feature completes the scanning process in two parts.

First part: It usually checks the availability of home network available and ensures the quality of the signal.

Second part:  It determines whether the Roku device is connected to the internet or not. Including this, it also tests the speed of that connection.

The core benefits of performing the two-part test – you will be instructed to fix the network issue if the wireless signal strength is inadequate or lower than expected.

Though Roku models allow wireless and wired connection both, it is recommended to use Ethernet cable for stable internet connection. But if you’re using the stick and find if unable to rectify the network issue. Then you can check the Roku wireless connection setup guide to cross check your device settings.

#04 Remove some public channels to fix Roku unable to update software issue

If you’re experiencing the issue after adding a particular non-certified channel, then you need to uninstall the channels. Go to device dashboard settings>>>>streaming channels>>>>choose channel icon>>>click on Remove.

After performing this, restart your device and see if this can fix the glitch.

#05 Check your Roku server

Despite all efforts, if you’re device is still refusing to upgrade its software, than this can be the server error. If your server is down or going through service maintenance than it won’t allow your device to competes the update. The only solution to fix this- wait and try after a short period. Otherwise, you can contact our friendly team to get the best resolution.