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Roku Remote is not working- Try Out Recommended Solutions

Published On: December 26, 2019 Category: Software Issues

So your Roku remote is not working, connecting or pairing to Roku device/TV?

Don’t feel bothered anymore!

In this write-up we are providing all possible solutions to help resolve Roku remote problems without having to pay a single penny!

So let’s get started!

Roku Remote is not working

Before we go deep into this guide, first you need to verify the remote model you’re using. There are two types of Roku remotes:

  • Standard IR (Infrared based) Roku model – Use invisible infrared waves to transmit the signal from remote to Roku device/TV. You have to point your remote directly to Roku device.
  • Enhanced point -anywhere Roku remote– As its name itself says, it can be pointed anywhere to transmit remote presses. It uses a Wireless signal using pairing button.

Depending upon the type, the troubleshooting steps can vary slightly. However the problem may also arise if Roku low power warning & red light flashing on screen. If this is the case, connecting your device with power supply will correct the issue.

If you’re not sure which remote you’re using, see the steps below to know the type of remote.

How do I determine the Roku remote type?

If your Roku remote is not working, first you need to find your remote type. The easiest method to differentiate the IR and enhanced Roku remote is finding the presence of pairing button on remote body. Remote having pairing button is – Enhanced Roku remote.

Simply uncover/open the remote compartment and see if it contains a tiny pairing button on the back of its body.

Including this, other factors you may consider to identify Enhanced remote are:

  • Presence of Headphone Jack for private listening.
  • Presence of voice input & Voice control feature
  • Availability of Power on/off button for a TV
  • Two gaming control buttons (A and B).
  • Facility of Remote finder alert

On the other hand, if you find none of the features on your Roku remote, it means you’re using an IR remote.

So now when you know what type of model you’re having, it is time to rectify the Roku remote stopped working issue.

First we will cover the Enhanced Roku control.

How to Rectify Enhanced Point anywhere Remote?

In an event, you find your Roku remote doesn’t work/respond or does nothing on pressing button. Or if you are unable to control your Roku device using remote press – You should apply the steps as listed below to get fix your Roku remote errors:

Replace Remote Batteries

Yes, before trying hand into technical stuff, the first and foremost step is to ensure that batteries are active and not dead. If you feel to change them, replace them and try again to connect your remote with device.

Make sure you’re putting  the right battery size (AA,AAA) to remote. Also, always use original batteries. Duplicate batteries often result into draining too fast or it can also damaged.

If everything goes well, your Roku remote is not working issue will be fixed! If not, you can change your Roku remote but it should be left as a last resort.

So here you should apply the next solution….

Give a restart to your Roku Device & Remote

If the button presses on the remote not always recognised by Roku device. Or your device has become unresponsive for remote presses or if Roku freezing problem arise, you need to perform a fresh start to your device.

Want to know how? See the steps below:

  1. To start with, remove the batteries from the remote. (Make sure batteries are well and not damaged or draining).
  2. Unplug the Roku device from main power outlet for at least 5-10 seconds and plug-in back to restart.
  3. Once the Roku home screen appears with dancing Roku letter, reinsert the batteries back into the remote. And see if it connects to Roku device.

If everything appears satisfying, you’re lucky enough. In case of no luck, try the next solution….

Re-Pair Roku Remote

  1. Repeat the same steps – 1 & 2 as stated above.
  2. Once the device successfully restarted, Open the battery compartment and gently tab and hold the pairing button for at least 5 seconds or until the remote pairing light starts to flash.
  3. Doing this will start displaying the remote pairing dialog on TV screen. Follow the on screen instruction to get pair your remote with device.

Note: The Roku remote may take 1- 2 minutes to establish a stable connection with your Roku device. So do not press any other button on remote or press exit. However if still Roku remote is not working, the possible aspect can be your device that is not connected to network. If Roku stopped to connect with internet, reset your router and try again.

After that, if your Roku remote still won’t stop blinking, ejects the batteries for 2-3 seconds and put them back to remote. It should work.

Alternately, you can pair a another remote to the same Roku device, if the existing Roku remote denies to work properly. This is also recommended when you want to have two different gaming control. To re-pair a different Roku remote follow the steps below:

Learn how to pair a remote on Roku device:

  1. Press the Home Button using remote control>>>>>>>Go to setting menu using remote arrow keys>>>>>>>>>Choose ‘Remote’  and click ‘OK’ on remote control.
  2. On the next screen, Choose pair remote>>>>>>>it will show you the current remote details
  3. Press the right button on the remote, to add new remote on Roku device.

If you’re unable to pair your Roku streaming stick remote with your TV in first attempt, try the same sequence of steps again.

Further, if you’re unable to locate ‘setup TV power and volume control’ settings after successfully pairing your remote to device. Perform   – Using remote, Go to Roku Settings >select Remotes & Devices > at last Select  the remote you’ve  just paired. Press OK on remote to exit the screen.

Tip: You can also use the Roku Mobile App if Roku remote isn’t pairing automatically.

still can’t fix Roku Remote is not working problem? continue reading…

Connect your Roku device with 5GHz network if roku remote is not working

As stated elsewhere in the guide, Roku point-anywhere remote use wireless network to connect with roku device. Poor network strength can impact the remote performance. Thus, it is necessary to have a stable and high speed network like 5GHz.

To do so, perform the steps listed below:

Note: Before applying the below steps be sure that your router is capable enough to transmit 5GHz.

  1. Simply press the Home Button on Roku>>>>>>>>>Now scroll down to ‘Setting’ option>>>>>>under this menu>>>>>locate the ‘Network’ option and click OK on remote.
  2. On the network screen, select the Setup New connection’ option and choose the network name which is supporting 5GHz.

You can also check your wireless strength on the same window by simply performing the connection check. For more detailed steps check Roku wireless connection setup guide.

Tip: To minimize the  wireless interference, use free HDMI cable extension to connect your Roku with TV. Instead, connecting it directly to the TV. (This is only applicable to Roku Streaming Stick + or other Roku model that allows to connect with HDMI directly).

Try another wireless broadcast channel on your Wireless Router

Another most prominent solutions to fix Roku Remote is not working, is changing router settings.

In order to change your router wireless channels, first you need to obtain your routers IP address. In case you do not have (you will need a computer or mobile to perform this):

Important: Make sure you’re using the single router to setup your wireless network. DO NOT use a mesh networking solution or multiple wireless access points to reduce wireless interference.

  1. Simply launch your computer window start button (which is connected to router) and type the ‘cmd’ on search bar. On the displayed search results select cmd and right click>>>>>choose ‘run as administration’
  2. Type “IPconfig’ on the cmd window and hit the enter button on keyboard. You will be prompted with default gateway key i.e. your router IP.

After retrieving router’s IP address, perform the mentioned steps in the same order to change wireless channels on router device:

  1. Launch your computer browser, preferably chrome or one that works excellently. (You must have an active internet connection on your PC)
  2. Type the router IP on browser’s address bar and press enter on the keyword.
  3. On the next screen provide the login credentials. If you’ve not changed your router credentials the default username and password will be ‘admin’ and ‘password’ respectively.
  4. Once you get into router setup page, go to setting menu and change your wireless channels.
  5. Save the changes and exit the screen.

Note that the above solution is also applicable if your is not accessible through Roku device. Simply change your router settings and try again to setup device.

After performing this, try connecting your Roku remote again with Roku device. In a rare case, if none of the solutions works, try a new remote. Before buying a remote be sure your buy one that is compatible with your TV.

Steps to fix Standard IR Roku Remote

Whenever you’re having trouble with IR Roku remote, no matter what kind of issue you’re having. The most common reason could be the presence of obstructions (any objects) blocking the remote IR signal to reach at TV signal transmitter/ IR receiver.

So if you’re having a hard time while connecting your IR remote with TV. It is best to verify the below terms before initiating the troubleshooting process:

  • There is no objects coming between Roku device and Roku remote.
  • You’re pointing your remote straight to Roku device to make clear in-line-sight.

Tip: Use a Smartphone camera to see if the remote is transmitting the IR signal or not. Open your phone camera and point your remote in front of camera  and press any button on the remote. IF you can’t see a flashing light coming from the remote on your Smartphone screen, there is something to do with your remote. If yes, remote is working properly.

  • Be sure you haven’t placed your Roku device inside a cabinet.
  • The remote IR sensor and TV transmitter are not dirty.
  • Batteries are charged and not low.

After verifying the all said factors -if you find everything well and still not able to control your Roku device using IR Roku remote. You can apply the steps as listed below:

Reposition your Roku Device

Lift your remote higher or in different positions i.e. left / right to see if your device can receive the IR signal. Or simply move your roku device to another position if possible.

Reset the batteries

Ejects the batteries from remote for a couple of minutes and then reinsert.

Word of caution: If you find the back of your remote overheated or warm, DO NOT TOUCH or USE! Leave your remote to a non-flammable place such as on tile floor to make it cool.