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Can’t find Spotify on Roku-Troubleshooting Guide

Published On: December 26, 2019 Category: Software Issues

If you can’t seem to find Spotify on Roku channel store even after many attempts and looking for the solutions. You’re in the right place!

Can't find Spotify on Roku

Using this guide you can learn how to find Spotify for Roku device player and how to add spotify connect to roku.

Additionally, this guide is helpful for readers looking solutions for:

  • Where to find Spotify app on Roku
  • What are the basic requirements to add Spotify for Roku
  • What Roku devices support Spotify
  • How to fix Spotify Roku app won’t play issue
  • Help tips to fix Spotify that keeps roku rebooting occasionally

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So let’s get started!

Essential prerequisites to stream Spotify on Roku player

Spotify is limited to some of the Roku models. Following are the specifications required to put Spotify on Roku:

Supporting device: Spotify is available to all Roku TV models and Roku streaming model 3600 and other later models.

Roku OS: To stream Spotify playlists via Roku device you must have a Roku 8.2 or higher OS.

Internet: High-speed internet with secure connection is required to enjoy Spotify music without getting interrupted.

Spotify subscription: You need to subscribe to Spotify Premium plan, if you want to enjoy some added and featured services such as ad-free music listening.

So, if you’re Roku device falls into the supported device category, you can install the Spotify on your Roku player.

Where do i find and install Spotify app on Roku device

Before you connect Spotify on Roku, first you need to locate it. To find and install Spotify on your Roku device follow the below steps:

  1. To start with, Press Home on Roku remote. (make sure your remote has batteries).
  2. Now, on Roku home screen navigate to Streaming channels option using up & down keys of remote.
  3. On the next screen either select ‘Music genre’ or ‘search channels’ and click OK on the remote. Search for the ‘Spotify channels’>>>once it appears on the list, select it and press OK.
  4. Now click on the ‘Add channel’>>>>>you will be prompted to provide a Pin code if you’ve set any to your Roku account to prevent any unauthorized channels purchase.
  5. Once it successfully added, it will start displaying on the bottom of channels lists under Home or on the main Roku home screen.

Also, to add hulu on Roku channel store repeat the steps 1& 2 and search ‘Hulu’.

Alternatively, you can add Spotify through Roku mobile app or via Roku website. want to know how? See below

Steps to Add Spotify via Roku mobile app

  1. Launch Roku mobile app on your Smartphone>>>>Go to channels store.
  2. Now, Search for the ‘Spotify’. Additionally, you can also search Spotify under – Music, Most Watched, or New & Notable categories.
  3. Select Spotify and then click add channels. The channels added through the mobile app will automatically be reflected on Roku TV.

In case, you’re unable to locate Spotify in the channel list, check for the Roku device update.

Steps to add Spotify channels Through the website

If you’re getting hard time adding Spotify through the device channels store or Roku app, you can add Spotify to Roku online. For this,

  1. Open your computer browser>>>>>Go to Roku mail login page and sign to Roku my account.
  2. Now, navigate to genre categories from the top selection menu.
  3. Search for ‘Spotify’ and finally click on the add channel.

Don’t panic, if you can’t find the channel on Roku channels list immediately on your supported device. As the Roku device takes nearly 24-36 hours to update its channel list. Including spotify you can also learn How To Add Netflix To Roku!

In an event you wish you to install Spotify immediately in your supported devices. You are required to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Roku device home screen and select Settings >
  2. Under this menu, choose System > System update > Check now.
  3. You will be able to see the update notification here. Roku device will automatically download and install updates.
  4. You will be prompted with the flashing window saying ‘your device is up to date’ if you’re running on the latest version.

If it appears that Spotify is unable to locate on Roku channel store even after performing the Roku update. You can apply the following troubleshooting measures to help resolve the issue.

You can also find Can’t add channels to Roku device -Troubleshooting guide helpful in order to learn some more relevant aspects related to this error.

Can’t find Spotify on Roku channel store? Know your reasons and solutions

Incompatible Roku device and operating system

Unable to Play Spotify through Roku ? It can be due to Incompatible Roku device!

The Roku models released before 2016 do not support Spotify. If you’re using an older one, you can’t play Spotify on Roku. In addition to this, Roku operating system must comply with at least 8.2 OS version or the latest software available (9.0 & 9.1).

You can check your Roku software version and model manually. To do so,

  1. Press Home button on Roku remote control>>>>>>navigate to  Settings.
  2. Under this menu, scroll down to System > >>>>>now choose About and press Ok on remote
  3. You will be able to see the Roku details here.

If you find the software version other than 8.2 you can simply update your device. Sometimes the bad Roku update can also lead to Spotify not working on Roku error. So it is necessary to wait till Roku update does not finish completely.

In case the device model is unsupportive, you have to change your device here. Also, If your Roku device randomly displays errors- Roku error code 001 or Roku error code 009, you can visit  troubleshooting page for problem-solving solutions.

Restart your Roku device

Yes! Believe it or not, in most of the case it works! Simply reboot your Roku device to eliminate random issues that might be stopping Roku to work properly.

  1. To reboot your Roku device, simply unplug your Roku device from the main power outlet. Let it unplug for a  couple of minutes and then reattach your Roku device to power.
  2. Make sure the Roku flashlights become unresponsive when your unplug your Roku device.

In an event, if your still unable to add Spotify on your Roku player, here is what you need to do…

Remove unnecessary channels from device

Did you installed many channels on your roku devices?  Have your tried removing some of these unnecessary channels which do nothing but only increase the channel count on your device!

Remove some of the unused channels that you never use to watch and try again to search for spotify on your roku channel store. There are several ways to delete channels form channels grid, but the easiest method to do so is using channel store.

Here is how you can remove channels form your channels store:

  1. To initiate the process, first you need to Press the Home button using Roku remote control.
  2. Now go through option available on roku home screen till you find Streaming Channels >>>>>under this menu, go to Channel Store.
  3. Choose the channels that you wish to delete from channels store and click the OK button on your remote.
  4. At last, pick the Remove channel tab and confirm the prompted window to pursue to request.

Follow the process, to delete at least 2-4 channels to free up system resources and to boost roku performance as well.

Check your Network connection

Yes, Roku will behave unusually or do not allow you to add any channel if the network connection is not working. To fix this, restart your wireless router device.

Pro-Tip: Adjust your wireless router’s antennas into different directions to boost signal strengths. In addition to this, do not place your outer inside an enclosed area.

Restart your Wireless router

  1. Find and locate the reset button on your router body.
  2. Press the reset button for 5-10 seconds. Or until the flashlight turns off.
  3. After restarting your router, try again to connect your Roku device to the router.

In case, you’re still facing the issue, make sure you have placed your Roku device near to the router. So that it can receive the signal directly without getting any obstacles. For more network tips read- Roku won’t connect to internet guide!

Though the wireless connection is reliable, you can also use the wired connection to enjoy excellent Spotify Music on Roku.

The problems should be resolved after applying the said solutions.

Sometime the user comes with a complain that roku goes into a reboot loop whenever they try to stream spotify on their roku TV/device. So if you’re also dealing with the same issue, here is how you can solve the issue:

Solutions to fix Spotify that makes my Roku reboot

Usually, the reason why your device is behaving like this is – the Spotify app that might have gone through an update that forces your Roku device to reboot each time you try to open Spotify.

Well, we know how annoying it could be! Thus, we have brought some of the recommended solutions to fix this issue:

  1. Press the * button on Roku remote control>>>>>>>>>Now go to Roku channel tile.
  2. Find and locate the Spotify channel>>>>and finally choose ”Remove channel’ tab.
  3. Now, you need to reboot your Roku device. For this, Press home button using remote and then  Go to settings>>>>choose system restart>>>>restart.

You will see the dancing Roku when it goes to the restart process.

  1. Now navigate to ‘Streaming channels’ option on the Roku home screen.
  2. Search for the Spotify channel and add the channel back to again.

Sometime you may also come across a situation when you can’t play spotify music on roku. In this scenario, perform the same steps to remove & re-add the spotify on roku TV to fix the bug.