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Can’t Add Channels to Roku- Troubleshooting Guide

Published On: December 6, 2019 Category: Software Issues

If you’re dealing with can’t add channel to Roku device issue and don’t have enough time to dig through many platform! Stay connected here to learn every facet related to Roku can’t add channels problem without switching a single window.

Can't Add Channels to Roku

Majorly there are three ways to add channels to your Roku listed as below:

  • Add channels through Roku device
  • Also Adding channels using Roku Mobile app
  • Add channels using web (Roku.Com/Link)

Important: Roku channels store is not available in all regions. In the same way, many channels are geographically restricted by the channel provider. In this scenario, you may inquire for your channels query directly to the channel provider.

Depending upon the method you prefer to add channels, you may encounter different problems. To fix the issue without much effort, first, we need to discover the root cause of why we are getting the error.

So let’s cover the common reason for Roku channel “launch failed” and “can’t run channel” issue…

 Why I can’t add channels through Roku/web/Roku mobile app

Simply put, Roku is a device and the device can be damaged. Including this obvious factor, the other possible reasons for Roku can’t add channels via Roku TV/website/Roku mobile app includes:

Roku Device is not activated and linked to Roku account

You might have skipped a vital step during the initial Roku device activation process. For instance, you might have forgotten to set the country preference or language setting. Thus, whenever you try to activate a channel through Roku it generates an error.

While setting up your Roku device to Roku account, if you get encountered with an issue Roku link code not working error.  Then, you may refer to Roku troubleshooting guides to get an idea of how to fix the Roku problems.

Unreliable internet connection

The reason you’re unable to activate channels through Roku, is due to a defective and inactive internet connection. Or the poor signal transmission that causes breakage during channels installation.

Bad Roku update

Perhaps, you might have attempted to update your Roku, and left the process incomplete. Or you’re using an older Roku device – not compatible to add new channels and needed to upgrade.

Your Roku device is damaged/corrupted

As the heading stated itself, you’re using a defective Roku streaming player to connect your device with. It could be a technical fault or software issue with Roku that keeps it unable to work properly.

Trying to add Public/Non-certified/Beta channels without paying

You are trying to access secret/Un-authorized/ private channels that are not available to Roku channels store without paying the subscription charge. If you haven’t paid for public channels you wish to add to your Roku account, it will end with can’t add channels to Roku error display.

Note: Though Roku comes with the blessing of many free channels to enjoy, you need to pay the subscription fee or one-time charge to watch channels that are un-certified.

Further, if you’re trying to add Netflix To Roku for the first time, you may refer to  page to learn how to setup Netflix on your roku device without getting any trouble.

Channels (available at Roku channel store) is not available on a particular region

You may or may not know that Roku is geographically restricted for its services (excluding non-certified channels). If you’re trying to add a channel that is not available in your region ( i.e. other than The US, UK, Canada, Mexico, France, Latin America) then, you won’t be able to add channel to your Roku.

Roku account is having problem

Yes! You read it absolutely the same! Sometimes the problem is with your Roku account. For instance,

  • Your Roku account get suspended for any reason
  • You haven’t changed your previous location setting before accessing your Roku account to new location
  • you haven’t provided correct payment information (in case of purchasing non-certified/public channels)

Here the reasons end…… if you’re looking for the solutions to fix Roku Channel Install failed, stay connected..

As stated in the beginning, the errors may vary depending upon your choice to add channels.

So in this section, we will cover the solutions in three categories i.e. solutions for Roku device/website/Roku mobile app.

So let’s get started!

Solutions how to fix Roku can’t add channels through Roku device

Start troubleshooting with inspecting your internet connection.

Troubleshoot your internet connection

There are times when your system prompts “you have successfully added the channel ‘channel name‘, but when you try to locate this channel on Roku channel store, it won’t appear.

The reason behind this – your channel has failed to install due to poor internet connection.  To fix this you can diagnose your network and connectivity settings manually.

want to know how? see below…

Steps to check Network and connectivity settings

  1. To start with, launch your roku device and press the home button using roku remote.
  2. On the roku home screen, scroll down using remote arrow keys until you find Network option.
  3. On the next screen, click OK in the network test.

It will start scanning for the network issue, once the process completes, it will list the error, if there is any. Follow the on-screen instruction to remove the network issue. Also, keep in mind that the option may slightly vary depending upon the roku models.

In addition to this, be sure that your device internet speed meets the below standards for successful Roku channel installation:

  • For Standard Definition screen –not less than 2-3 Mbps
  • For High Definition in 720p TV screen – at least 5 Mbps
  • High Definition in 1080p – more than 9 Mbps recommended
  • Ultra High Definition 4K – 16 Mbps

Defective network may also lead to other network issue such as Roku code error 009 or roku error code 001. To fix them read-  Roku won’t connect to internet troubleshooting guide!

If you find everything fine with your network, and still unable to load channels from Roku. The next thing you need to consider is – your Roku device.

Start diagnosing your Roku device with rebooting…

Reboot/Restart your Roku device

Important: Make sure you remove the device from Roku account before attempting to reset your Roku model. So that you can be sure and assured that the problem is not on Roku device hand.

Doing this will eliminate all the glitches and set back the device setting back to their default inputs. If speaking general, there are 3 ways to restart your Roku device:

  1. Restart Roku device through the setting menu or using a remote control,
  2. Simply by unplugging the main power cord and,
  3. Through a Roku reset button

See the steps below to learn how to reboot your Roku player in few minutes:

Steps to reboot your Roku device through setting menu/remote control

  1. To start with, press the Home button using Roku remote,.
  2. Navigate to setting options and press Ok on Roku remote >>>>>>>Under the setting menu, go to system option & tab Ok by remote.
  3. On the next window, choose System Restart, press Ok.

Alternately, you can press the reset button using a sharp end pin for 5-10 seconds and wait till it shuts down.

Note: Almost every Roku model comes with a reset button usually on the back of Roku device.

In case you’re a first time roku user and can’t  find Roku Link Activation Code ? Visit roku troubleshooting page for detailed solution.

Perform a manual software update

Whenever you’re getting the Roku can’t set up new channels issue, it can be due to your Roku device need to be updated. Though your Roku device gets started updating its software automatically each time you set up your Roku device, sometime it may not due to any random reason. In such a case, you can do it manually:

Steps to perform Roku device update manually:

  1. Using Roku remote control, tap the Home button.
  2. Navigate to Setting option by scrolling up or down button on remote
  3. Next, choose the System option on the next window.
  4. Finally, select the System update option.

Note: Roku player will automatically reboot itself once it successfully downloads and installs the software update.

Still unable to load channels from Roku website? keep reading for further solution..

Check you have updated your payment information on Roku account

If you’re installing a third party unauthorized channel to your Roku, first you need to subscribe or pay one-time fees to access these channels on your device.

For this, If you have to provide your payment details. If you haven’t provided yet, this might be the real reason you’re unable to add channel to Roku.

Note: you have to produce the channel code provided by the channel provider, while activating the non-certified channels to your Roku.

Factory reset your Roku

Follow the below set of instructions in the same order as listed to avoid any further errors:

  1. Back to your Roku Home screen by pressing home button by Roku remote.
  2. Using navigation keys on remote, scroll up or down to choose Settings option.
  3. Beneath setting menu, go to Select System option>>>>>>>>>>now choose Advanced system settings
  4. Finally, tap on the Factory reset button and click OK on Roku remote control.

You will be happy to know more than 65 % of people get resolved their issue can’t add Roku channels by simply performing the above-said factors.

But if you’re still in the same issue, It has to do with your location…

Disable the VPN/DNS services

If you’re using DNS services, make it disable. To know how to do this, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Bring your mouse to window start menu>>>>>>>>Navigate to control panel.
  2. On the control panel window, choose Network and Internet>>>>>>now select Network and Sharing Center.
  3. On the next prompt window>>>>>>tap on the Change adapter settings option listed on the left pane>>>>>finally, right-click and disable the VPN service>>>>exit.

Performing all said troubleshooting will help you in getting resolve the Roku can’t add channels via Roku issue.

Roku can’t add channels via website -Solutions!

If you’re having trouble adding channels through the Roku website, the problem can be associated with

  • Roku channels (not available in your region)
  • Roku dot com Link (server issue)
  • Browser

For instance, if your browser prompt with the following content “the channel code provided is associated with a channel not available in your region.”  or “your search did not return any channels” it refers that you need to check for the Roku channels store.

In case, you’re getting the error ‘this webpage is not available’ you need to wait for a while as there might be some server issue.

At last, if your find it unable to run Roku (dot) com, you need to check your browser setting.

Note: Before troubleshooting the below steps, make sure the internet connection is active and working.

Flush out the Browser History & cookies

Unable to add channel to your roku via web? It can be due to browser history! Release your browser history to faster your browser page loading ability. Doing this will also eliminate the random glitches creating obstacles to add channels to Roku.

Update Your browser

It might be possible that the browser you’re using to access is outdated. To Update your browser follow the steps below:

Note: The below steps are applicable for chrome browser, the steps may vary depending upon the type of browser.

  1. Launch your Chrome browser by clicking the icon on taskbar
  2. Click on the three-dot at top-right of the screen>>>>>a list will open up, now choose Help option from here
  3. See the update notification. If you find any, proceed by following the on-screen steps.

Change your browser

It is recommended to try another browser such as Safari, edge, firebox, etc to add channels to Roku.

Solutions to fix can’t add channels through Roku mobile app

Roku comes with the blessing of Roku mobile app to easily access and enjoy the Roku streaming services anytime and anywhere!

If you’re unable to add Roku channels using Roku mobile app, here is what you need to do:

Be sure your mobile app is compatible to access particular channels

Due to compatibility issues, sometimes you’re restricted to view every feature and product on the mobile app. So make sure you’re using an up-to-date Roku app.

Perform switch OFF/ON your phone

Doing this will remove any issue occurring and creating obstacles while adding Roku channel to your device.

Simply long-press the power button of your phone until the prompt asking for the phone restart appear>>>>>>>>>>choose the restart button>>>>>>and then try again to access new channels to your device.

Scan your Mobile for infected files

Another reason which could be responsible for Roku won’t be adding channels will be the presence of infected and malicious files on mobile. Here you should perform scanning your mobile device first.

Simply download an authenticate antivirus program, in case you already own a one make sure it’s working and up to date. Open the antivirus program installed on your mobile and scan your all apps for infected and malicious files.

Doing this will definitely resolve your Roku can’t add channels issue.

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