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How to setup Roku TV | Activate Roku TV

Published On: February 29, 2020 Category: Setup

This Roku TV setup guide will explain how to install, activate and setup Roku TV for beginners with detailed step by step instructions.

But before you start…

Roku TV Setup and activate

let’s verify the things that are essential for your Roku TV box setup.

Let’s unboxed the Roku TV box

Including Roku TV, you will get the following things with your purchase

  • A Quick start manual
  • Roku TV remote
  • Batteries
  • And a stand base for TV

After ensuring all essential parts included in the box, now it is time to look for the essential prerequisites needed for Roku TV HDMI setup.

Requirements and initial preparation to install Roku TV

Before you start Roku TV initial setup, inspect your device compatibility first:

Stable and reliable Internet connection: To get Roku TV Link activation code, you must have a speedy internet connection.  Moreover, if you wish to stream 4K or HDR content  you must have an internet connection capable of transmitting 25Mbps.

Note: Some of the Roku TV models come with an Ethernet port. So you can activate your Roku TV using any of the method i.e. Wired or Wireless Network. Similarly, you can also connect your Roku TV with hotspot setup

Furthermore, if your Roku TV setup not working or If you wish to set up your Roku TV without internet or planning to use your Roku TV as a traditional TV, you have to connect your TV to one of the streaming media such as antenna or via HDMI input. Similarly, you can setup Roku TV with a cable box.

Valid Roku Account: An active Roku account is essential to stream movies and shows via Roku TV. Don’t worry if you haven’t created your Roku account yet, simply visit the Roku account setup page to have your a/c. However, you can also create it during the initial Roku TV setup.  Note that a Roku account is not required if you’re going for the Roku TV setup without wifi internet.

Attention: Roku NEVER asks for fee to create Roku account.

Computer/laptop/mobile: To link your Roku TV with your Roku account you will need a working computer with an internet connection. Further, you can also connect Roku TV to internet without remote.

After verifying the said requirements and device compatibility, you can now proceed to connect Roku TV with wifi/ wireless network.

Setup Roku TV using Wi-Fi connection (step -by step instructions)

For easy to understand setup process, we have distributed the Roku TV account setup process into three main sections mentioned as below (users are advised to follow the Roku TV setup instructions in the same listed order):

Connect and power up your Roku TV

  1. To start Roku TV initial setup, go simply with unpacking the box, and check you have all the essential Roku TV accessories.
  2. Now, attach your TV with the included base or table stand or wall mount your TV. Note that the wall mount is not included in the box.
  3. Next, connect the TV power cord to the wall outlet. To confirm that Roku TV successfully powered up, check the light indicator on the TV screen that must be on.
  4. After that, open the remote back cover and insert the included batteries into the Roku remote. Position your remote batteries correctly and firmly. You will see a green light glowing on your Roku remote indicating that batteries are fresh and ready to work. Now close the cover. If your Roku Remote is not working, simply eject the batteries and insert them back into remote to see if it works.
  5. Press the power button on the remote control to turn on your TV. Your Roku TV logo will be displayed on the screen and within a few moments you will automatically land to setup Roku TV screen
  6. You will be prompted with the choice language screen >>>Using remote arrow keys, scroll up and down to select your language.
  7. After selecting the language preferences, click the OK button on the remote to confirm and save changes.
  8. Meanwhile, you will be prompted with the – ‘Setup for store use’ and  ‘Set up for home use’ option. Choose the ‘Set up for home use’ option by simply allowing the radio button against this.

Connect your Roku TV with Internet (Roku TV network setup)

Before you add channels like Netflix on Roku TV, first you need to connect your TV to Ethernet or home wireless network to access the internet. To do so,

  1. Firstly, Pick your home network name from the available network list on device Screen. If you’re unable to find your home network, select ‘scan again to see all networks’ option on the same window.
  2. Secondly, insert the associated network password. If your password contains any capital letter, use the arrow tab from the left side of the screen to insert a capitalized letter.
  3. Now, Hit the connect button to pursue.
  4. Once the Roku TV Wi-Fi setup completes, your Roku TV will start updating its software automatically so that you can get the latest features and channels updated without any effort.

Note: your Roku TV will restart after completing the update process.

Moreover, If you’re Roku won’t connect to wireless Network, make sure you’re choosing the right network selection. Also, if you’re planning to connect Roku TV without internet connection, then you can do so by connecting Roku TV to antenna or cable box.

Continue to read to learn the next step to setup Roku TV after connecting it with your home network….

Link your Roku TV with Roku account

After performing the above step now you’re only 2 steps away to start streaming over Roku TV. Simply put, now all you need to do is activate your Roku TV box!

  1. To access several channels, movies, and shows on your Roku TV you need to link Roku TV with your Roku account. For this, follow the on-screen prompts to activate Roku TV setup code.
  2. Next, copy the Roku TV Link activation code; e.g. “PQXTY5” displaying on your TV and go to the ‘Roku (dot) com (slash)link’ using a laptop or mobile. After that, enter the code on the information filed and hit the submit button. If your Roku Link Code is not working type the code manually instead of copy paste.
  3. Also, If you don’t own a Roku account, choose the sign-in option. You can add channels to your Roku TV at this stage. The channels you add will start reflecting on your Roku TV immediately.

Also, if you’re using a used Roku TV and don’t know how to set up a Roku account – Go to settings>>>system>>>select advanced system>>>>and pick up the Factory reset option.

Doing this will reset your Roku TV settings to the default value and erase all previous data and setting preferences. So that you can easily set up your Roku account without getting any trouble.

Congratulations! You’re all set to stream your Roku TV now!

Other Streaming Tools on Roku TV

Moving on to our next concern now we will learn some extra Roku TV benefits in addition to Roku TV cable setup…..

To add more benefit to your Roku TV purchase, Roku TV allows you to stream Live TV without having to pay any additional charge. In our next section, we will cover some other exciting services associated with your Roku TV.

Roku TV comes with the blessing of the ‘Free view Play’ feature to stream ‘over-the-air’ digital television and exciting on-demand content available over the internet.

Curious to know how? continue reading….

How do I use Free view Play on my Roku?

Once you’re done with setup Roku TV process, you can add some useful feature such as Free view. The process is as simple as adding any channel on Roku. However, if you’re getting any issue and  can’t add channels to Roku then simply restart your device and try again.

So back to our concern,  let’s cover the pivotal system requirements necessary to avail the Free View service:

Aerial: To stream your local channels and shows you need to connect the coaxial cable from your aerial to your Roku TV. And then allow the basic setup process.

Internet connection: To watch content via Free view play, your Roku TV must be connected with a speedy and stable internet connection.

Roku account: This is required for Roku TV channel setup. User can create their account via Roku.Com/Link Create Account.

Where to find and How to Use Free view play on Roku streaming device?

Note: Free view play is a built-in app so you can’t edit, rename or delete.

  1. Press Home Button using Roku remote, and then search and locate the ‘Free view play’ on the home dashboard menu. Alternatively, you can select the ‘Free view Play What to Watch’  from Roku streaming channel grid where you generally search any channel.
  2. Inside the Free view play app, you can switch to a different channel using your remote direction keys. While playing Free view channels, if your Roku keeps freezes and stop then bypass your device from the main power supply and power up after a short wait.

But what if you don’t have the internet? Not all the time the internet is available! But the best thing you can still watch your local channels! Yes! using the Local TV input available on Roku TV.

Know more about how to watch free live TV on Roku in our next section…

How can I set up Roku TV ‘Live TV input’ feature?

Where the Free view play app allows users to stream content within the presence of the internet, Live TV input allows users to enjoy live broadcast without internet & any additional channel cost.

Important: The channels you can access via Live TV input completely depends upon your geolocation. You will receive the free “over-the-air” TV broadcasts from your nearby TV stations using an aerial.

Learn how to watch live TV on Roku device (setup Roku TV for Live streaming)

The process of enabling Live TV input is quite simpler as compare to ‘setup Roku TV’ process. All you need to do is:

  1. Connect your Roku TV with aerial connector i.e. attach the coaxial cable wire from your aerial antenna to your  “Live TV” input/connector located on the back of your Roku TV.
  2. Now, press the power button on the remote to start the TV. On the Roku home screen choose ‘Live TV’. If you’re unable to locate the ‘Live TV’ option from Home, Go to Settings >>>now choose TV inputs >>>under this menu, select Live TV > >>and finally Set up input.
  3. Next, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup. If Roku 001 error prompts during any of the steps, disconnect your Roku from power outlet and connect it back after few minutes.

Note: If you’re getting some trouble to view live broadcasting, try positioning your Roku TV antenna setup (or aerial) in a different direction. Doing this is recommended as it can affect the TV stations’ signal transmission quality.

Further, if you want to check the program list available for broadcast in your region, select the ‘GUIDE’ button on your Roku TV remote. The ‘smart guide’ will list the programs currently available to watch.

Moving on to our next topic, if you want to stream 4K or HD content on Roku TV you will need to have an HD device.

If you’re unsure how to set up Roku TV with an HD device, keep reading further…

Can I set up a 4K Ultra HD or HDR device with my Roku? If so How?

Yes, If your Roku TV has an HDMI 2.0 input and compatible screen supporting HD content you can setup Roku TV with an HDMI. You can use an HD/HDR device with your Roku TV using an HDMI cable. See how…

Learn how to set up and configure the HDMI mode:

Note: The facility to configure HDMI is only available to 4K Ultra HD and HDR Roku TV models.

  1. In order to set up the HD device, select the Home button using the remote control. It will take you to the Roku TV dashboard.
  2. Now navigate to ‘settings’ >>>>under this, choose the ‘TV inputs’ option.
  3. On the next screen, Pick the device. Alternatively, you can choose the HDMI input in which you want to connect your HD/HDR device under ‘Input being used’.
  4. Next, choose HDMI mode and then select any of the available option i.e. AUTO, HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0. In an event you’re unsure about the settings, choose AUTO to let Roku decide the best for you.

So if everything appears fine, you’re good to go!