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Roku keeps Rebooting & Freezing Itself – Instant Fix

Published On: December 26, 2019 Category: Setup

So your Roku device keeps rebooting itself constantly. Well, don’t be upset. It is a common Roku issue faced by many users.

This write-up is providing the recommended and proven solutions to get fix Roku Express Keeps Restarting issue.

So let’s get started!

Roku keeps Rebooting & Freezing Itself

Why does my Roku keep rebooting?

Most of the Roku models allow connecting with TV through a USB port. Each time you turn on your TV, your Roku streaming stick starts booting up to play content on TV.

Sometimes the power supply to your Roku device from TV is not adequate to work properly. And, this leads your Roku player stuck in a boot loop, dancing ROKU forever.

In order to fix this issue, you may follow the steps listed below.

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Common Solutions to solve Why does my Roku constantly reboot?

In an event, when your Roku stuck in an endless reboot loop, the first and foremost thing you should look into- your Roku is getting sufficient power supply. Others should include:

  • You’re not using an outdated Roku player. By saying outdated we are referring to the Roku models which are not receiving the automatic Roku update notifications such as Roku 2.
  • The SD card in Roku device must be less or 2GB. If you’re using a high capacity SD card, you need to remove this from Roku device.

After verifying the above-said factors, if the problem persists, you need to apply some technical troubleshooting steps.

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How do i fix Roku freezing and restarting Issues?

Follow the instructions in the same order as listed below to avoid any further issue:

Check For an update

Whenever your Roku player starts rebooting each time you turn on your TV, it refers that there is something bad with the Roku software. Yes! The software might be outdated or corrupted.

In this scenario, you have to update your Roku software. Though your Roku players are designed to upgrade itself, sometimes it may won’t, if you’ve recently added some non-certified channel or the network connection is not stable.

To perform the Roku update manually:

  1. Select the Home Button on Roku remote>>>>>It will take you to Roku home screen.
  2. Navigate the setting option using remote up and down keys
  3. Next choose system>>>>>>>>>>System update>>>>>>and finally select ‘Check now’ and press OK on the remote.
  4. Roku will automatically download and install the software if there is an update available.

In case of no update, you will be prompted with the message ‘Your Roku device is up to date’. Once you’re done with this, try again to launch your Roku device. If the problem persists, keep reading……..

Change your USB Port

Not all the USB ports are the same! Each has a defined electric specification. It might possible that you’ve connected your Roku player into the wrong USB.

Simply unplug your Roku streaming stick and try plugging it into another port.  Same way, you can change your HDMI cable (if not using the USB)  to verify that the issue is not happening due to defective HDMI cable.

If it works, you’re lucky. If see the next solutions. Apart from this, be sure that your Roku device is getting sufficient power supply without interruption.

However, if your Roku device keeps restarting itself while playing the new Pokemon games on the Nintendo switch, you should apply the following troubleshooting measures:

  1. Simply, turn off the Switch to airplane mode, so that the TV can complete the reboot cycle. Or turn off the Nintendo Switch.
  2. Disconnect your Roku player from the main power outlet. After a couple of seconds, re-attached the power cable back to the main power supply.
  3. Perform the same set of updates. (as mentioned above)

In a rare case, if the Roku player still keeps reloading itself again & again, you need to look into the network settings.

Check Internet connection

Are you sure your Roku device is properly connected to the home network? If not, verify it performing the steps below:

Before troubleshooting the network, make sure the wireless router is working well and turned ON. In case, you’re using the wired connection, check the Ethernet cable is firmly attached to both the ends i.e Roku and router.

If everything appears fine, do the steps as listed:

  1. Press Home Button>>>>>Go to settings>>>>>>>Choose ‘Network’
  2. On the network screen, choose ‘check connection’.

In order to set up a new connection, choose the ‘setup connection’ on the same window and then provide the network details.

Also, if you find any network related issues, you should follow the on-screen instruction to get fix the issue on your own.

Moreover, if the problem Roku Freezes and Reboots over and over Itself trigger on a particular channel…

You need to verify:

  • The channel is not experiencing some issues from channel provider.
  • Your network is capable enough to allow streaming that channel on Roku effortlessly. (each channel has a defined streaming speed, your device must meet that)

After ensuring this, if the Roku still keeps rebooting itself continuously, you need to uninstall and then reinstall that particular channels again. To see the steps on how to add channels visit Roku…

Factory reset your Roku device

You can do this step, but only as a last resort.  So if you’ve tried and failed to fix Roku express keep restarting itself issue, here is what you need to do:

Important: Doing Roku factory reset will erase all your account preferences and setting configurations. In other words, it will set your Roku as completely a new device.

  1. Hit the Home button on your Roku remote and choose the settings option.
  2. Under the settings menu, select the ‘System’>>>>>>Advanced system settings>>>>>>>and finally, Factory Reset.
  3. Now choose ‘Factory reset everything’ and press OK on Roku remote

Alternatively, you can press the physical reset button, usually located on the backside of the Roku body. Press the button for at least 20-30 seconds. If your Roku player contains a pinhole type button, press it using a paper pin.

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