Privacy Policy

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We assume that user is aware of all terms and conditions associated with the website. 

By accessing the information on this website or purchasing the services, a user automatically agrees to all stated protocols included in websites’ Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy.

What type of information do we collect?

In case you are interested to buy services, you need to provide some additional information which may include name, email address, postal code, and contact number.

The purpose of collecting such information is only limited to serve best and assure services to its users.

In a particular case, user is supposed to share some technical device information such as Roku brand, model, hardware configuration, and any error tracking files.

How the collected information is used?

The main purpose of collecting all the information as said above is to help clients in all possible ways to get their Roku device back in normal working conditions.

In detail:

1. The user collected information is mainly used by the Tech representative to send emails for any relating recent products and services. In some cases, the information is also used to notify you about the latest solution available for the highly-reported Roku device issues.

2. The shared information is confidential and at no point is shared with any third party or organization (without your consent). However, if you have indulged in any offense then, your details might be shared with the authorized government body seeking the data.

3. We do not store any of your financial information including credit or debit card details. However, the transaction that you make to avail services is stored for the purpose to guarantee your subscription. But at no point, we make this promise or guarantee for any third-party associated/linked with this website.

4. In case, any individual wants to discontinue the services at any point then, he/ she can do so through a proper channel defined on the website. OR you may call the tech representative to ask for the same procedure.

Do we use cookies?

We use cookies to know about the visitors’ preferences for future references. However, the information can also be used to analyze the website performance in terms of traffic, data sent by visitors and customers.

Changes to Privacy Policy

All the privacy policies mentioned on the are subject to change without any prior express. We do not send or inform via any personal mail about any changes to website. 

It is completely user responsibility to keep reviewing the policies periodically to stay updated with the website terms and conditions.

We assume that every user visiting by whatever means has agreed and is familiar with all the changes made in the Privacy policy. In an event, you possess any doubt or concern relating to the current stated policies, you may contact the support team of