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Roku Error code 009- Network Troubleshooting Guide

Published On: December 4, 2019 Category: Error Code

Struggling with Roku Error code 009? Relax! In this guide, you will get solutions on how to fix Error code 009 on Roku.

So let’s have a quick view of key factors we will be covering in this guide:

  • What do you mean by 009 error code on Roku?
  • Why are you getting Roku 009 error display?
  • How can you get rid of 009 error code?
  • Tips to improve Network & connectivity connection.

So let’s dive into the world of solutions for Roku 009 error code…

Roku Error code 009

What do you understand by Roku code error 009?

When you try to connect your Roku streaming stick with TV, you may get encountered with Roku code error 009 flashing on your TV screen.

This implies that your Roku has successfully established the connection with router but failed to connect with the internet/Wi-Fi network. In more simple words, your Roku device has denied recognizing the network signal.

Common Reason for Roku 009 error code display

Including, defective internet connection, there could be numerous reasons associated with Roku error code 009 such as:

  • Roku device is damaged or not working properly
  • You’re trying to access the 5 GHz network signal which your Roku device does not support to carry.
  • Your router is outdated and needs firmware updates.
  • Signal strength is not enough.
  • There are some technical faults either on Roku or router.
  • Internet connection is experiencing some service outage form ISP provider

Now you must be looking for solutions. No doubt we will cover every solution from basic to complex but before trying hands into the solutions to fix Roku 009 error first, verify that you’re fulfilling the prerequisites required to connect your Roku with router.

So let’s begin…

  • Are you inserting the correct network credentials?
  • Does your Roku come under the Wi-Fi coverage area?
  • Does your Internet network work properly?
  • Is your router connected to internet connection?
  • Are you trying to access 5 GHz wireless speed? some of the Roku models including Roku express only support 2.4 GHz.
  • Have you tried different wireless networks?

After ensuring the said factors, you will be certain where you’re actually mistaken. It may also happen that you would not require to go further for additional solutions as the problem may get resolved just after checking these points.

In case of no luck, simply apply the below said solutions one by one to get fix your Roku 009 error code:

How to fix Roku 009 error code? Get your solutions

The wise approach to fix any problem especially a technical glitch is always gone with -Basic to advance! So DO NOT lose patience while troubleshooting Roku 009 code.

Also, if you’re unable to Activate Roku device, you may visit the Roku troubleshooting page.

Simply ‘Try again’

Yes, sometimes the reason you’re unable to connect your Roku with network is nothing but the temporary failure in signal transmission. You will be prompted with Try again button on your device screen whenever you encountered any connection-related errors.

So click on the ‘Try again’ and see if it works.

Unplug Roku/ router/Modem for at least 10 Minutes

Another magic trick to get fix your Roku is – unplug your device from the main power supply. Letting your Roku/ router device unplug for 5-10 minutes and then plug them back to power cord.

This will automatically set the common glitches that trigger the Roku code error 009.

some time you may face the this error while adding channel in that case read how to activate HULU channel to in Roku

Inspect your Roku and router device

Yes! This is one of the basic steps that you need to consider before digging out the further solutions. Be sure that both the devices Roku and router are working properly and there is no issue with the device hardware & software.

Likewise, make sure all the wires attached to Roku and then router are not damaged or torn.

If you find all said factors fine, and still not able to connect your Roku with internet, keep reading for further solutions….

Restart Your Roku and Router

Doing this will set all the settings back to its initial inputs. If you’re a first time user and looking for the way how to restart your Roku device, see the steps below:

  1. Using Roku remote control, press the Home button.
  2. Navigate to setting option by scrolling down the home menu.
  3. Under the setting menu, choose the system Restart button

Once it gets completed, try connecting your Roku again. In case you get the 001 error code while trying to connect your Roku device, visit Roku link code error 001 self-help Guide.

If the problem persists, here is what you need to do…..

Steps to Restart your router

Almost all the router models come with a physical reset button back on the router device. With the help of a paper clip or a sharp end pin, press the reset button till the Roku turn off. Once it gets turned on, you will see the dancing Roku letter on screen.

Try to connect your Roku device once again with your home internet connection. Further, if you struggling with the code not working or add Netflix channel to Roku you can browse the Roku troubleshooting page for detailed solutions.

Verify your Wireless Network credentials

Are you sure you’re punching the right password? If you’re getting the ‘Incorrect username & password’ error display, you are providing the wrong credentials. Make sure you check your SSID and password twice before hitting the login button.

Including this, be sure

  • your password is case sensitive which means ‘A’ and ‘a’ are not the same. You can use the Shift button to insert a capital letter.
  • Your password does not contain any special characters other than letters and numbers
  • You’re choosing the right Network name.
  • You’re not copying your password from somewhere. Type it manually to avoid space count errors.

Important: Consult your ISP provider directly if you have forgotten your password or unable to recover it.

Sometime you may be stuck in a situation when your Roku does not display your network name. If this is the case you’re dealing with right now, keep reading…

What to do if you’re unable to locate your wireless network?

If you’ve forgotten your network name– Check your computer or other devices using the same network. You need to select the same network for your Roku device.

Note: Most of the router model comes with the default network name printed on its body.

In case, if your network name doesn’t appear on the network list:

Go to “Choose your Network” screen>>>>>> Hit the Scan again option. This will prompt all the networks currently accessible to your device

For more detailed solutions, read Roku won’t connect to the internet troubleshooting Guide.

So the password is fine, the device is fine and still, you’re unable to connect your Roku with a stable internet connection. Here you need to verify that your network is providing an adequate wireless signal.

Check your wireless connection signal

Though you’ve successfully established the internet connection between Roku and router, your Roku will still not work, if the wireless signal is not sufficient.

Thus, make sure your Roku is receiving an adequate signal. To check your Wi-Fi Signal strength see the steps below:

  • Using the Roku remote control go to settings > >>>>then network. If you find your Roku is not connected, search for the Set up new wireless connection option and click OK.
  • If you’re unable to locate your network name, it might possible that your Roku is placed too far from router that it unable to catch the Wi-Fi signal.

In order to add a different router, you need to select the ‘setup new wireless connection’ option on the same window. You will be prompted for the instruction on how to move further so simply follow the instructions.

After the successful connection setup, you will be able to see the wireless signal strength on the screen. The signal quality usually refers as Poor, Fair, Good, or Excellent.

If you find the signal strength not fair, follow the tips:

  • Never put your router or Roku device in desk cabinet. Placed them in open space.
  • Keep the minimum distance between Roku and routers, so that your Roku device can get a clear signal without any intermediate interruption.
  • Try to position your router antennas in a different direction.

Sometimes the signal strength is excellent, but you still are not able to connect with your router, in this case, you must consider the following tips:

  • Remove all other devices using the same network to reduce network usage.
  • Place your other wireless appliance such as cordless phone, microwave, etc far from router.

Same way, diagnose your wired connection if you’re using the Ethernet cable to connect your Roku with the internet. Want to know how? See the steps below:

Steps to troubleshoot Wired connection

  1. Press the Home button using Roku remote control>>>>>>It will take you to the Roku device home screen.
  2. Now Go to the Settings menu >>>>scroll down to locate ‘Network’ option> >>>>>>>under this list, check connection to perform a two-part test

By performing this two-stage test, you can check the quality of your home network and whether the device is connected to the internet or not.

In case it detects any error, you will be instructed with on-screen instruction to get fix the issue.

Note: Keep in mind that your Roku must be connected with the internet to perform ‘Check connection option process’. Otherwise, you will only find the setup connection option.

After verifying the quality of network and connectivity section, if you still encountered the same error again, you need to set your router DNS settings.

Change router DNS setting

Before trying hand into the router DNS setting, first, you need to find the IP address of your router.

To do this,

  1. Launch your computer command prompt program>>Type ‘ipconfig’ and press the enter button on the keyboard.
  2. On the next screen, note down the Default gateway value i.e. your router’s IP Next, follow the steps to adjust your router DNS settings:
  1. Launch your computer browser>>>>>type the router’s IP address manually on browser address>>>>press enter.
  2. On the next window, insert the user name & password
    Note: the default value for username is ‘admin’ and for password is ‘password’

After successful login, go to DNS setting and change the DNS1 and DNS2 value to & respectively.

Perform router firmware software

In order to update your router firmware software, you need to connect your router with a reliable internet connection first.
So, let’s get started…..

  1. Open your computer web browser>>>>> Type the Router IP address on browser search bar and login the router web setup page.
  2. On the next window, search and navigate the Firmware Update or Router Update
  3. Check for the update.

Word of caution: While your router is upgrading, DO NOT close the window or press any key.