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Roku Link Code not Working – 5 Step Troubleshooting Guide

Published On: December 4, 2019 Category: Error Code

Roku link code not working is one of the most common issues faced by many Roku users. Whenever your Roku device displays ‘Roku link code invalid error,’ it means something is wrong with the code…..right???


You can get the error if

  • is not working or overloaded
  • A proper network connection is not established between Roku device and Roku player.
  • Your device is not compatible

Roku Link Code not Working

In case, you’re sure about the exact reason responsible for Roku link code invalid error, you may proceed to direct solution. But what if you don’t! In this scenario, you have to try every solution starting from basic to technical, one by one as stated below.

Learn To Fix Roku link enter activation code not working error

Try the same Activation Code again

If Roku link code not working/operating, than the first suspect can be misspelled code. Enter the same code again to to activate your Roku device.

 Note: After entering the code, wait at least for 10-20 minutes. As it may take some time to update the device on your Roku account.

If it fails to operate, the possible reason could be:

  • You’re using a terminated/ expired code,
  • You’re entering the code after the long periods of receiving it. In such a scenario, the validity of the code could be expired, resulting in activation code problems.
  • code has been generated, but not appearing on the device screen. Usually the problem Roku link enter activation code not displaying arise if your Roku cannot connect with internet or running low signal quality issue. Fixing your network related aspects will correct this issue.

Wondering for the solutions how to fix it? see the below steps…

  1. Simply press the star * button from your Roku remote and check your Roku device (Smart TV) for new code.
  2. Once the new link code is displayed on device screen, go back to your computer browser. Run Roku com link and enter the new code here.

Important: If you’re seeing any alternate way to activate your device on Roku device home screen, you can try it. For instance, the Roku device may ask for the email address to provide the activation link on the email inbox.

If still your Roku link code won’t work, you need to look into the aspects associated with Roku (dot)com /Link. As, you may also get the problem if URL is not properly working.

In this case, here is what you need to perform…

Try different browser to visit Roku URL

Sometimes the URL Roku dot com/ link is not accessible on computer browser due to undefined technical reasons. It could be multiple requests at a time, viruses or maybe the site is under maintenance.

In addition to this, the problem  of Roku TV link code set up can also be come into existence if your device is suffering with low power supply. Thus, before you drill more solutions, once check for the Roku low power & red light issue.

Just in case, your device is fully powered up ans still can’t operate link code, apply the steps mentioned below:

To fix this

You may wait for a while and try again to run the Roku URL  on your preferred computer browser.

In case you’re still unable to run the URL – try a different browser (Firebox, MS Edge ) to activate Roku link code.

Clear browser cookies  and other stored data containing “Roku” domains

After attempting on different browser to get Roku link code, if you still get the Roku Link code not reacting error. Clear the cookies, thumbnails and other unnecessary data especially the domain containing “Roku” from browser history.

1 To begin with, open the computer browser you used to login  Roku account

2: Type the combination CTRL+H keys>>>>>>a window will open up with detailed history

3: Choose clear browsing history option from the left menu

4: On the next window, scroll down the drop-down menu and choose ‘Last 7 days’ >>>>>>Click on clear date

Once the process completes, run the Roku URL again to activate your Roku  TV . If you’re still unable to activate the Roku device using link code, keep reading…….

Scan Your computer to eliminate unwanted Viruses

Your browser may consider Roku URL as spam and prevent it from opening if your PC contains any infected files. To scan and remove viruses from your computer, see the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the antivirus software on your window task bar.
Step 2: Click on the scan button and remove the infected files.

It is possible that your PC doesn’t detect any virus and still enables you to run Roku URL on your computer Browser. If you are using a VPN or DNS network services.

Yes, you read it write, here you need to turn off the VPN services if you still can’t get the Roku Activation Code on your TV.

Turn Off the VPN /DNS services

VPN services can block the access of Roku URL on your computer. Simply, turn Off the VPN and try to access the Roku URL using your home network.

More than 59% of people fix their Roku link not working error by simply performing the above steps.  But if you’re still in the same issue, the possible reasons are:

  • Your device is not connected to Roku account
  • Device is not compatible
  • Your Roku account is not connected with a reliable internet connection
  • There are Loose or damaged cables between Roku device and TV
  • Your Roku account is not properly created as you have missed some essentials steps while creating it.

Note that this solutions can also help you if your Roku wireless connection setup is not working or triggers any sort of signal issue. Simply disable the VPN and try again.

If you’re thinking about the solutions for How to Fix Roku link code won’t working error??????? Keep reading our next section.

Advanced solution for Roku Link activation code not working issue

Start from the following points to begin your troubleshooting against Roku link code not showing up error.

Note: Follow the steps in the same order to avoid further errors.

Switch off/on your Roku device and TV

Sometimes there is a temporary system error that stops Roku device to work properly.  Simply switch off the Roku device and smart TV for a couple of minutes and try again to connect.

Ensure the Roku Account you are trying to connect with is not already in use

Remember that each Roku device is only accessible to one Roku account at a time.

If you’re trying to connect your Roku device for the first time, follow the steps in the same ordered to avoid errors:

Steps to add your device with Roku Account:

1: Follow the manual kits provided with Roku device to know all the hardware and software specifications required to connect the Roku device.

2: Connect all the cable end to Roku device and smart TV and then finally to the main power switch.

3: Once the device successfully added to Roku account, the Roku activation code will display on the Roku device screen.

4: Copy this code, and go back to your computer browser and run  to paste the code here.

5: Press submit by Roku remote. Also, if you’re having problems with Roku remote then you may try to use a new set of batteries.

Note: To check whether your device has been linked or not, log in to your Roku account and click on the ‘linked devices’ option to confirm.

If you get any errors during this process, you should……

Unplug/Re-plug  Your Ethernet cable  to solve Roku link code not showing on TV error

Plug out all the wires including Ethernet cable from the main power switch and wait for 10-15 minutes and then reconnect. After establishing all the connections again, enter the Roku link activation code again.

Tips: Sometimes it can take a while to complete the activation process, so don’t lose patience!

While performing the plug out/plug-in action, If you find  “Error 001” or  the message “not connected” in the upper right corner of the device screen. Bypass your box for few minutes and try again after some time.

Important: Wireless internet users need to disconnect the Internet connection for 30 seconds. Later, they may try to reconnect using a valid username and password.

Change Your Roku Device Location to fix Roku activation code not working

Many Roku players are only accessible to their country of origin. Roku will not function if you’re trying to use it in a different  region. For instance, if you’re trying to connect a Roku player you bought on Korea in the USA, it would not work.

Here you have to reset your Roku devices and activate it with a new Roku account based in the country you are currently located in.

Also, Roku provides the facility to access Roku services while traveling and hotels staying in remote areas. If you have forgotten to change the location back to your home location it may result into activation error.

To resolve this, simply go to Roku device setting and change your language and location preferences.

If error persists, contact team to get technical assistance.

Reboot a Router and Modem

Steps to Reboot a Router/Modem

  1. Unplug the router from the main power and wait for a couple of minutes.
  2.   Now, plug in the router with power switch
  3.     When the router restarts (green light starts displaying) try to connect your Roku device again with Roku account.

Factory Reset Your Roku Device To fix Roku link code not working error

Doing this will reset your Roku device at the initial stage and automatically eliminates the problem which might be causing the error.

1: Launch your Roku Devices

2: On the left side options, Choose Settings>>>>>>>Scroll Down and select Factory reset

3. Press OK and try again the activation process as stated above.