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Channel Not available on Roku Channel Store- What to do?

Published On: December 26, 2019 Category: Error Code

We know how annoying it could be when Roku does not display the channel you’re looking for.

No matter whether you’re trying to view a free or paid channel, simply follow the proposed guide to know the reasons and their respective solutions –  why some of the channels are no longer available on Roku channel store.

Channel Not available on Roku Channel Store-


Before you cut through the solutions, it is important to verify whether your device is activated or not. As is most of the cases, this is the real reason for channels unavailability. If you find any similar clues, get Roku activation link code and try again to activate your device. Else proceed with the steps below….

Why channels are not available on Roku Platform?

Though Roku provides thousands of free channels, you can also add public/non-certified channels such as Netflix, YouTube, etc. by simply providing a channel access code.

In case you find it unable to view or add some of the channels on Roku, the possible reason could be:

  • Channels are not available on Roku platform or Roku has blocked the channels access.
  • Channel’s provider has prohibited the channels on Roku models itself.
  • There is a temporary network issue on Roku device.

In order to get fix this, first, you need to verify either the channels you’re trying to access is blocked on Roku platform or have removed by channels owner itself.

So let’s get started………….

How do i determine if the Channels are blocked/removed by Roku?

Firstly, if you’re experiencing the error on one single channel. Let’s say if you’re getting the issue while trying to add Netflix on Roku, then first you need to check the channels officials here for current alerts.

Whenever you get the error message  ‘channels are not supported on Roku’ or ‘Roku no longer supports channel ‘channels name’. It clearly refers that Roku has abandoned the channels access.

The reason behind this, Roku follows a set of instructions to maintain the piracy precautions & guidelines. In an event, a channels violets or does not follow the validation set by Roku community, Roku dismiss the channel access on its platform.

Another possibility could be – the channel’s owner itself abandoned the channel due to any reason.

Important:  Roku doesn’t ask any subscription fee for a non-certified/ Beta channel. If you have paid or subscribed to a channel that is not available on Roku, you may contact your channels provider directly.

So this is all about when the channel is removed/blocked. But what if the channels are not removed by Roku/channel provider but still not showing up? In this scenario, you are liable to apply the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.

How to fix Channel Not available on Roku Channel Store? Know your solutions

In case you’re getting no response or nothing happens when you insert the channels access code to Roku, here is what you need to do:

Restart your Roku

Yes! It always works! Sometimes the channels become disappear temporarily on Roku channels grid due to any random reason. Or if you’ve used your Roku streaming device while traveling (at a remote location) and forget to set its location back to your home location.

To fix this, simply restart the Roku and the channels will reappear on the channels grid.

To do so,

  1. Click the home button on Roku remote.
  2. On the home screen, locate the setting option and then system>>>>and finally select Restart and then click OK on Roku remote.

Note: If your Roku device is freezing or acts sluggish, you can directly unplug your Roku device from the main power outlet to perform the device restart.

Doing this will not only faster the Roku device performance but also set all the random glitches causing unwanted Roku error.

Once you’re back to Roku home screen after a successful restart, try to locate the channels again that you want to add/view using the search button on the home screen.

If everything appears fine, you’re good to go! If not, keep reading our further solution….

Un-hide the hidden channels

Yes! That could be another reason why you’re unable to get a channel on Roku channel store.

Roku allows users to add private/ unauthorized third party channels. You can hide the channels which you do not want to show to any other. The channels you’ve hide, would not appear on the channels grid until and unless you set it to unhide.

To do so,

  1. To begin with, launch your Roku device and press the Home button by remote.
  2. Once you get into the start screen, scroll down to Setting option using the up and down arrow keys on remote.
  3. Now, locate the TV input>>>>>>>and then, Antenna TV
  4. On the next screen, choose the ‘edit channels’ option and click OK on Roku remote.
  5. After that, you will see the option to choose Hide or Delete.
  6. Click On the Unhide- option>>>>> at last click OK.

Including the above all reasons, channels may also become disappear or won’t show if your there is low power on Roku. Likewise, if your roku is overheated it won’t be able to perform finely.

Exit Favorite channels List to fix Channel Not available on Roku box

If might possible that you’re currently viewing the favorite channels screen. It will only display the channels which you’ve marked as favorite. Here, you need to exit from the favorite channels list and then restart your device again to view another channel.

Learn how to exit from the favorite list your channels list:

  • To start with, press and hold the left directional button using your Roku remote. On the next screen, you will be able to see the channels list order in alphabetical order.
  • Now, press the left (or right) Keys to get into the channel favorite lists.
  • At last, you should exit the Favorite list or just press the channels number of that Channel from your Roku remote.

Note: In case you want to un-favorite a channel, simply select the channel you want to remove form favorite list using the Roku remote on the same window. At last, hit the OK button by Roku remote control.

Now see if you can find the channels to view from the list. If you still failed to find the channels you need to diagnose your network & connectivity section.

Troubleshoot your network and connectivity

Every channel requires a specific signal bandwidth to transmit the channels services on your Roku device to Roku TV. Let’s simplify this with an example, so if you’re trying to Netflix on Roku for High definition TV, your signal strength must be capable enough to transmit 5MBPS speed.

If your device network speed is slower than the required you can’t enjoy the channels services on your device.

Roku models support both wired & wireless connection. To check your network speed, see the steps below:

  1. The start with, you need to hit the Home button by Roku remote control to get into the Roku home screen.
  2. Using remote arrow keys, scroll down to Setting option>>>>>>>>>under this menu, choose the Network option and click OK on remote
  3. On this screen, select Check connection button. You can see the signal strength as Poor, excellent on the same window.

To know more network troubleshooting solutions and suggestions read- Roku wont connect to internet Troubleshooting guide.

If the network problem persists, you may contact your internet services provider.

Channels is Geographically restricted (Channel Not available on Roku)

Roku channels store is worldwide limited. This means, some of the channels are only accessible to the Roku origin or where it has been getting sold. Someway some of the channels are also prohibited by the channels provider to limit the channels.

For example the CBS channels only provide its services in the US, if you’re trying to access it in UK or Mexico you will not be able to do so until and unless you buy the valid US DNS/VPN service.

Thus, be sure, the channel you’re trying to view is accessible in your region. In addition to this, you should also pay attention towards the channel prerequisite. For example if your want to watch Hulu on roku, then first find out the essentials system requirements.

Hope you find this article helpful! In case you’re looking for more help you may consult our professionals.