Get Roku Netflix Activation Code

Subscribe for Netflix channel and find your Roku link access code to enjoy unlimited movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more!


Learn ways to get activation code and use it to add Netflix channel.

System requirement to add Netflix Channel on Roku Device

Get system requirements, specifications, and important details to add Netflix channel to on Roku device.

Before adding Netflix channel on Roku device, it's imperative to get the following things on your inventory.

Roku Device

You need a streaming device to add and enjoy watching different channels on your TV. If you have one, simply test the device to ensure it is working properly.

Roku Account

Now, to access the Roku software-you must have an authorized platform. And, Roku being the device manufacturer- gives you all types of access via Roku Account Link.

You need to create this Roku account manually by providing all the asked details.

Internet Connection

Roku device needs wifi connection to run and add channels. Therefore, make sure you have a good network that provides one of the following download speed:

  • 0.5 Megabits per second - broadband connection speed
  • 1.5 Megabits per second - broadband connection speed
  • 3.0 Megabits per second - for SD quality
  • 5.0 Megabits per second - for HD quality
  • 25 Megabits per second - Recommended for Ultra HD quality

High-speed Cable

For fast and consistent flow of content through Netflix channel on Roku device to TV, you must have a Premium high-speed HDMI cable.

Note: This is not required for Roku streaming Stick+.

Video Quality

For channels like Netflix, you need to add an HD plan and set the video quality from AUTO to HIGH (permanently).

However, the recommended resolution to run channels like Netflix using Roku device is:

For Roku 1 : 480p/1080p* (*HDMI required for 1080p)

For all other Roku Models up to 2009: 480p

Active Netflix account

To use Netflix on any Roku device, first you need to have a valid Netflix account. If you don't have, go to official site and create one.

System Requirements to Netflix add channel on roku

How to add Netflix channel on Roku device?

Based on your Roku device model and manufacturing year, choose the method to add Netflix channel on Roku device.

Steps to Get Netflix channel on Roku 1

Steps to Get Netflix channel on Roku 1

You must have all the prerequisites on your catalog before executing the steps ahead. In case, you missed any of the essentials, seek assistance fo Streaming device, experts.

1. Login Roku account

Open on OS supporting browser window and sign in your Roku account with credentials created.

2. Navigate to Channel Store

Once you get to see the Roku account home screen, tap on Channel store >>>> Movies & TV.

3. Add Netflix Channel on Roku Account

Search or scroll down the list of channels to find Netflix in the store. Tap on the channel name and click Add channel button next to it.

4. Sign in Netflix membership

Select Yes button on pop-up window, if you have the Netflix membership.

Provide the Netflix account login details to confirm your identity and subscription.

5. Get Roku Netflix Activation code

After identity verification, you will be redirected to Roku home screen displaying the activation code.

6. Use Code to activate Netflix

Copy the Roku Activation Code and type it on

After successful connection, you will get a message "Your Roku is now connected to Netflix account."

Steps to Get Netflix channel on New Roku models

If you own some other streaming device model than Roku 1, you can add the Netflix channel with these steps:

1. Login Roku account

Create and login Roku account to access and add channels on streaming devices.

2. Search Netflix channel

From Roku account Homepage, go to "What to Watch" option in menu bar and select Channel Store option from drop-down menu.

Tap on Popular channels tab and search for Netflix on the list.

3. Netflix Channel missing-Find out

In case, the Netflix channel is missing, go to Streaming channels>>>> Movies & TV.

Choose Netflix >>> Add channel >>>> then, Go to channel option.

4. Sign-in Netflix Account

Sign-in Netflix account from home screen & confirm your identity and subscription online.

If you haven't taken the Netflix membership, purchase it online.

Your Roku will get automatically connected to Netflix account.

Steps to Add Netflix channel on all other Roku models

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Steps to subscribe Netflix Account on Roku

To go easy on your pocket, try the following way to sign up for Netflix subscription using Roku and reduce your charges.

1. Enter Roku Home screen

If you have connected your Roku device with account online, login to startup and enter the home screen.

2. Choose Netflix on Home screen

If you can locate Netflix on rightside of screen, tap to open it. Otherwise, tap on SEARCH button and type Netflix for the channel to appear automatically on top.

3. Sign up for Netflix account

As, soon you click on Add channel button, you'll be redirected to Netflix website.

Simply, click on Join FREE for a month button on Netflix homescreen.

4. Choose your payment plan

Tap on SEE THE PLANS button to open the list of four different plans: Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Choose the plan that is right for you and click CONTINUE.


5. Create Netflix Account

Follow on-screen instructions and complete Netflix account creation step by adding your email address and setting a new password.

6. Add Netflix Payment method

Choose one of the payment methods to be charged after your free month subscription ends.

In case, you want to cancel the membership, do it before the trial period ends.

7. Provide payment details and Start membership

Enter the details of active card and click on START MEMBERSHIP button to add Netflix channel on your account.

8. Set Account recovery option

Finally, when you complete the Netflix payment process, provide the recovery phone number and other details prompted.

Congratulations! Your account is now active.

Troubleshoot Roku-Netflix errors experienced by users

Diagnose your Roku device and Netflix account to reach the root cause of problem and find its solution.

Unable to Find Roku Activation Code for Netflix

You must have a registered Roku account to get the activation code. Moreover, your Roku device should be connected to a highly-accessible and stable wifi network. After ensuring these two important things, if you still can't get Roku unique link code then, try some advanced level technical fixes.


Channel no longer available on Roku device

You need to check and find if the channel is removed by Roku or the channel itself. In case, it is removed by Roku most likely, the channel has violated the terms and conditions defined by Roku manufacturer. In case, it's not the manufacturer, again browse channel in various categories of Roku account.


Resolve Channel Playback issue

YOu may see this error message in various situations. That implies, the steps to fix the issue also differ. For instance, if it appears while you are adding channel then, check the Roku device connection with the wifi. However, if it appears while you want to play a video- try playing another one.


Cannot stream Netflix content

When you are unable to play any content from Netflix channel then, make sure you are using a compatible resolution that supports your device. Let's say if you want to run Roku channels on 4k Ultra HD then, it supports 60 fps. Other than this, make sure you are using a high-speed premium HDMI cable.


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