Locate activation code to add Hulu channel on Roku

Subscribe for Hulu plan through Roku and enjoy your latest movies and shows anytime.


Now, also get the steps to subscribe toHulu channel and live TV on Roku.

Overview of Hulu Streaming service

Hulu is the most popular streaming service online that any subscribed user can access through app or directly on a streaming device. Available in four different plans, you may enjoy the Hulu streaming service based on your budget and needs. It also offers live TV that is slightly costly and is available in 2-higher most plans. So, make your choice and act accordingly.

How to get Hulu channel on Roku?

Get started to know the prerequisites and apply Hulu channel setup procedure on Roku device.

System Requirements to add Hulu

System Requirements to add Hulu on Roku

Before you get Hulu app or channel on your Roku device, there are some minimal standards to comply with.

These include:

1. Roku Account

Make sure to have an Activated Roku Account online so, you can add and access Hulu channel through Roku device.

2. Roku Device

The Roku device is a primary requirement for any channel like Hulu to stream.

So, check and ensure you have a working device.

3. Hulu subscription

To keep accessing Hulu streaming service even after the trial period, make sure to choose a payment plan and subscribe as permanent member.

4. Internet connection

Roku device and Hulu channel needs a solid Internet connection to stream and run on devices like TV, tablet.

Thus, check your internet speed and ensure a stable connection.

5. Premium HDMI cables

Check and make sure you have premium HDMI cables that allow quick and resistance-free content travelling.

Steps to add Hulu channel on Roku Account

Whether you are new to Hulu or an old user of the streaming service who is looking forward to getting the channel on Roku; the solution ahead is for all.

Fulfill the above-said prerequisites and learn how to subscribe and add HULU channel directly from within Roku account.

1. Install Hulu channel on ROKU software

You need a wifi connection to get the Hulu app on ROKU software.

Based on your device OS, open the play store to get the HULU app.

2. Subscribe for HULU channel

Open Hulu app on Roku software and press the 'START FREE TRIAL' button on the home screen.

You will get the Hulu plans: HULU service with ads, Hulu without ads, or Hulu with LIVE TV.

Make your choice for the future plan and proceed further.

3. Provide Account Information

On the next screen, type the details of active debit or credit card.

Important: This information won't be used for any purpose unless your trial period ends.

You may even click Cancel if you don't want to continue using the service.

4. Complete Hulu Subscription through ROKU

You also need to provide your name, email, birth date, gender, and ZIP code for identity purpose of your HULU account.

During the process, you will be asked to set the password for HULU account.

After completing the above-said procedure, tap on the 'I Agree' checkbox to accept the subscription.

5. Add Roku activation code

At last, type the Roku activation code on the prompted screen to confirm the Hulu subscription through ROKU account.

Subscribe Hulu channel from Roku

After you meet all the above-said prerequisites, it’s time to add the Hulu streaming service on Roku. Execute the following steps and get access to Hulu channel.

1. Go to Roku device Home screen

Firstly, turn on your device like TV to run Roku. Press Home button on Roku remote and select the Home button from the options appearing on left-panel.

2. Access Roku Channel Store

Tap on Streaming channels under 'What to watch' option in menu bar.

Once you are there, select 'Channel store'.

3. Search 'Hulu' channel

Search through the channel list and find HULU. In case, you are unable to locate the channel, simply tap on Search button and type HULU in the search field to find the channel.

4. Add channel to Roku

Tap on Channel image to get redirected to channel page. Locate the Add channel button on the page>>>click on the button to add it to your list.

5. Login Hulu streaming service

To get the channel, you will be asked to provide the login credentials of Hulu channel that you get post subscribing for account.

You may now start enjoying the content on Hulu channel!!

Add subscribed Hulu on Roku

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Solution to Hulu Channel Errors

Get the detailed troubleshooting steps for one of the highly-reported problems that occur while you access or try to run Hulu channel.

Hulu not working on Roku

Hulu not working on Roku

The issue Hulu not working can be categorized as buffering trouble, connection problem, freezing videos, skipping content, or poor video quality. With plenty of meanings of one error, the solution to fix also differs. For instance, to resolve buffering error- you must work on internet speed and close all unnecessary programs running at backend. In case, the videos keep freezing, make sure you are using upgraded version of software that is required to run the content. Also, try to check the network signal as weak strength won’t allow the videos to run smoothly. Likewise, try other solutions for different problems and even get an advanced solution for serious technical trouble.


Resolve Hulu Playback Failure

The steps to fix Hulu playback failure vary on different devices. However, the core solution remains same. To begin, restart all devices and networking equipment involved in the procedure. Also, check the network strength and make sure the connection speed is enough to run any video on Roku. In case of internet error, check the router settings and customize them. For multiple devices connected on one network, it's wise to disconnect all and attach only Roku with it (for a while). You may even try to switch to a wired connection, if possible.


Resolve Hulu Playback Failure
Constant Network Error with Hulu channel

Constant Network Error with Hulu channel:Roku

Start with the checking of Internet network and change the router settings, if required. Try changing DNS settings, radio channels on router, uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu app, or using different router altogether. During the troubleshooting process, also make sure that the servers connected to Roku aren't offline. One more important thing, Roku doesn't work if first DNS server is not available. So, make sure you change the DNS server value to


New Update causes Hulu channel problem

Solution to this new update causing Hulu channel error lies in the problem itself. Simply put, restore all the system settings and uninstall the recent software updates to get back the earlier settings; with which Hulu channel was working fine on Roku device. Other than this, corrupt updates can also trigger the error. So, try to reinstall the updates in case, the issue still prevails after system restoration. For other advanced solutions to resolve the Hulu channel error, keep reading.


New Update causes Hulu channel problem

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