Getting started with Activation Code allows you to add activation code so, you can get your favorite channels, stream videos, movies, TV shows, music and more! With this service, now you don't need an operator to help you activate any channel. You may simply add your card details in Roku account and start adding channels using Roku activation link.

How to get Activation code for account?

You need Roku com link activation code to activate your Roku device and add channels. In fact, you will get new Roku activation code every time to add a new channel. So, choose your purpose below and find the right way to use the Roku activation link code.

System requirements

To setup Roku device for the first time, you need to first meet these requirements.

Television connected to Wifi

A smart television is needed, if you want to activate the Roku link code on Roku device. Connected to ROKU appliance, the TV must be powered ON so, you can get the Roku TV link code.

Roku Device connected on Network

In order to activate Roku com link code, make sure you have a working Roku Express, Roku Express+, Roku premiere, Streaming Stick+, or streaming player.

No matter, which of the above ROKU device you own, it should be connected with TV and have updated software on network.

Computer or Mobile

Very few are aware that you need one more device so; you can access internet and browser. This device is indeed important to open URL and Activate ROKU device or add channels.

Roku Account

If you are new to Roku device settings then, you have the option to create Roku account at the time of device activation. However, you may create this account before entering the device setup as well.

It's all your choice!!

Roku Account login System Requirements

Steps to get & use Roku link code to Activate Roku Device

After you have all the above devices to generate Roku com link activation code, here's your activation code process:

1. Complete Roku Device Setup to get Activation Code

After connecting Roku device to television, connect TV with the wifi >>> upgrade its software >>>> select ideal display type.

Once you complete this ROKU-TV setup process, go to step 2.

Refer ROKU device setup for beginners in the last section of this page.

2. Get Roku com link Activation Code

If you successfully get through the instructions of Step 1, you will automatically get directed to screen of ROKU player with link activation code.

Copy this code carefully and paste on notepad or any other similar file to save it.

3. Open on Computer

Open any browser window on computer or mobile and type in the address bar.

Your computer device must be connected on the same wifi as ROKU while you connect to roku com link URL.

4. Sign in or Create Roku account

Now, paste the Roku link code (you got in Step 2) on the screen and click ‘SUBMIT.'

You'll see two options, create and Login ROKU account.

In case you haven't created any roku account till now, simply click here to get one.

Otherwise, go to step 5.

5. Set PIN to Roku com link Account

Once you login Roku account, set a PIN and ROKU preferences to protect your account from any intruders.

First, in here, you should select the option to use PIN before adding channels or making any transaction.

Note: In case, you choose any other option- the action will also vary as per the selection made.

6. Add Roku payment details

In the next screen, share your card details on ROKU account so, the next time you add any paid channel the transaction will occur automatically.

You may even choose to add ROKU payment details later.

Important: However, all the transactions will take place only with your consent. And, none of this information is stored on Roku server.

7. Add Channels to Roku device

After you complete the Roku device activation, select the channels from the opened list and click on Add button.

You can see the total amount for all the channels that you need to pay at the end of the added channel list.

8. Complete Roku Activation link process

Finally, tap on Submit button and you will see all your favorite channels will start adding onto your Roku account.

Once the process completes, restart your ROKU device.

You may now start enjoying your link streaming channels.

Trial Members

Here are your steps to get activation access code and add channel to your Roku device.

1. Create Roku Account

To add channels, you must have a valid Roku account. In case, your account gets blocked or you haven't created one then, follow the link and create your account.

2. Login Roku Account

Go to Roku login screen and type your Email and password to enter the Roku device home screen.

3. Go to Manage Roku Account

You need to click on profile image logo at top-right side of window and choose My Account from the pulled down menu.

On the next screen, you can see the Roku login, Pin, and Payment information.

4. Go to for Channel

Now, you need to scroll a little and tap on 'Add channel with a code' under Manage Account section.

5. Enter Channel Access Code

ON the opened window, type the channel access code to add the non-certified, beta. or publicchannel to your Roku account.

You may get this channel code value with the channel itself.

6. Complete Channel adding process

If the provided channel access code is valid, you will get the channel onto your Roku device as soon, you tap on Add Channel button.

If you can see a small tick at the bottom-right corner for the channel box, it implies the channel is added to your Roku device.

To get the activation access code to different channels on Roku device, click here.

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Still Facing problem in accessing activation link code?

Visit to get the activation code for Roku TV player or streaming device activation. However, if you experience any problem while accessing or implementing the Roku linking code then, look for the following proven solutions and get your Roku com link code.

Cannot Find Roku Activation Code

If you are unable to locate your Roku device activation code for any XYZ reason then, most likely either the code isn't displaying or you are unable to find the code.

In both the situations, you can apply the following steps:

  • You should start by checking the Internet connection at your place. If you find your Roku device has lost connection to Internet then, start from the scratch and try connecting the Roku device to wifi again.
  • Secondly, make sure your Roku account has your Roku device registered on it. In other words, you need to add Roku device to your account so, it can identify the device >>> make connection >>>> and, allow Roku link code to generate on the Roku's console window.
  • To find the Roku activation code on screen, you need to set the display type of Roku channels. So, the next screen provides you with the link activation code.
    Note: The link code will be random alphabets and numeric written altogether on the Roku account screen. Roku device activation code; e.g. "XCV5TG".
  • In case, you get error message instead of Roku link code on screen then, look for other possible solutions relating to the problem.
Cannot Find Roku Activation Code
Error Code 001 on Roku Device

Error Code 001 on Roku Device: Not connected to Network

If you continue to see Error Code 001 on your Roku software screen it implies your device is unable to form a stable connection.

And, to fix it:

  • First and foremost, check the internet connection at your place. If there's weak signal strength on your router, contact your ISP for the solution.
  • In case, the Internet speed is good, check the cables connecting Roku device to TV. If they are damaged, try replacing them with new ones.
  • Next, make sure no port is loose or damaged to which your HDMI or composite cable is connected. Otherwise, your Roku device will keep losing connection with the TV.
  • Other than this, ensure your Roku software is connecting to right SSID available on list. With this, also confirm that the password you are typing to connect your Roku device is absolutely right.
  • If you have changed the network password recently, make sure to update it on Roku device as well.

Likewise, there are ample of other solutions-you may try and fix error 001 on-screen.

Invalid Activation Code

Nothing can be more annoying, if you get an invalid activation link code despite a good connecting wifi, speedy Roku device, & activation link code.

So, if you see this or any other error message on screen, this is what you must do:

  • Check the spelling and uppercase-lowercase of the link code displayed on your TV that you are typing on the computer screen now.
    If there's any spelling error or extra space added in the link code field, you will keep seeing invalid code error.
  • You can use one roku link activation code- only ONCE. That implies, if the Roku server refuses to accept the link code for any XYZ reason- you will need to start again and regenerate the activation link code.
  • Poor or no internet connection can be another reason for the roku link activation error code message. So, keep checking the network connection as well.
  • Other than this, corrupt DNS cache can also trigger the issue. Therefore, flush all the DNS cache and re-open screen to type and submit the Roku activation code.
Invalid or link Activation Code

Steps to regenerate code

You will need a new Roku link activation code every time you move Roku device to some other account OR add a new Roku device onto the same account. Additionally, if you reset your Roku device to get rid of any rigid error then, again get a new roku link activation code.

Reset Roku

Setup Roku Device

Steps to reset Roku Device

If you cannot remove any specific error message that's stopping you from accessing Roku device, reset is the best option. To help you with Roku reset- here are your troubleshooting steps:

Word of caution: As, you reset Roku streaming device, you will lose all of the below information:

  • Your personal preferences
  • Roku Channels added on Roku account for any specific device
  • Name and password assigned for a specific Roku device

If you are ready to reset the Roku streaming device settings then:

  1. Turn on your TV and press the Home button on your Roku remote device.
  2. You will see Roku device settings page. Scroll down the opened page, unless you see Settings.
  3. Next, choose Settings >>>> System >>>> Advanced System settings >>>> Factory reset.
  4. Again, select the factory reset option to confirm the process and allow the process to begin.

Note: In case, you want to reset Roku device using the hardware option, then:

  1. Locate the Reset button at the back of your Roku device.
  2. If it's like a button, press it simply for 20 seconds.
  3. However, if it is inside a small hole, take a small paper clip and insert inside the hole to press the Reset button again for 20 seconds.
    Note: During the process, make sure your Roku device was ON.
  4. With this, your Roku streaming device gets Reset and you can now, setup your Roku device again.

Setup Roku Device to get Roku link activation code

Build a hardware connection between Roku device and your TV set. Once the connection is built, you may start with the following steps.

Turn on Roku Device Settings

After you have connected all the devices required in the ROKU setup process, turn on your television.

Now, take the Roku TV remote, press INPUT and then SOURCE button to open the settings page.

Note: The name of buttons on remote may vary slightly. So, look carefully at the buttons and press accordingly.

Choose Language

After you select the port to which ROKU device is connected, you will see ROKU settings page asking to select the device language.

Choose the region language that you can easily understand. For instance, if you belong to U.S, then your language should be English (U.S.)

Find and Connect to Wireless network

On the next page, your Roku device will start searching for the SSID networks available around your place. And, choose your network name from the available list.

If you see green checks for Wireless networks, local networks, and Internet in the dialog box, it implies your Roku device has connected to the Internet.

Allow Software Update for Roku Device

After successful wifi setup - your device will automatically start downloading the latest update and software.

Set Roku Device Display Type

Once updates and software download completes, you will be moved to set display type.

Press OK on your remote and the ROKU will automatically select the best display type for your TV screen.

Once it is set you are READY to get the activation code.

Get Roku Activation Code for Channels

Some channels requireRoku link access code to activate on Roku streaming device. Therefore, please click on one of the below channels that you want on your Roku device.

Netflix Roku Activation Code

Find your Netflix Roku link activation code to type in and launch the channel on Roku device.


HULU Roku Activation Code

Apply instructions to get Roku link access code and subscribe for Hulu channel on Roku account of your streaming device.


ESPN Roku Activation Code

Register and get Roku activation link code to add ESPN channel on the account-where you have registered your streaming device.


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